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white vs. ivory dress issue

I fell in LOVEE (knew right away) with an ivory dress. They didn't have a white one in the style at the store but I purchase the dress and ordered it in white because my sisters and mom and others say "A bride should wear white". It came in, I tried it on and I just didn't get that same feeling. I feel the ivory was so much prettier because it shows the detailing and beads so much better. The skirt part of the dress is white and the beads are white its just the background of the corset is ivory. I really want to take my dress back and order the ivory one but EVERYONE is saying it looks no different and the white one is what I should keep. Should I not wear ivory? Will people think Im crazy for doing so.

Re: white vs. ivory dress issue

  • Does it come in natural white?  My gown came in ivory (which looked really yellow to me), natural white, and white.  I picked the natural white because it was just barely warmer tone than the white-white, but not ivory enough to make the old people clutch their pearls.
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    If it doesn't make you as happy as the ivory one AND the store is OK with a return - just go for what seems to be your dress!
  • I think it's all about your own coloring that says what color you should wear.   Pure white is not a universally flattering color on everyone and it's why you see so many shades in bridal and paint.

    If you think that the ivory is more flattering then go for the ivory. 
  • How many brides wear pure white instead of diamond white, ivory, cream, etc.? I'm going to guess very few.

    If the store will let you snag the ivory, snag the ivory.

    Story time: My sister fell in love with a champagne gown (light champagne - you would never have watched her come down the aisle and think, "Hmm so she chose not to wear a white gown"). Her in-laws told her a bride just had to wear white (why? no one knows - it's a stupid mistold tradition). So she bought another white white gown. That was 7 years ago and she still talks about how she had wished she'd just worn the champagne gown. Lesson: don't let silly people tell you what to wear the day you get married.
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    I wore an ivory dress.  My sister wore an ivory dress.  You're fine.
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    I wore an ivory dress. It wasn't just off white, it was a definite truly yellowish ivory. I had told some people that I wasn't wearing a white dress. When the wedding day came they were all like we thought you said you weren't wearing white! It wasn't white, but they couldn't really tell that much of a difference. They were expecting blue or red or something I guess when I said it wasn't white. If you liked the ivory better and the store will let you exchange it then that's what you should do.
  • I'm wearing a champagne colored dress because the white and ivory dresses make me look red.

    Just wear what you want for your Wedding, even if it's a pink sparkly behemoth of a dress.
  • Definitely wear the ivory gown if you feel better in it. I don't even understand why people would nit pick over what is essentially a different shade of white. In fact, my mom encouraged me to choose a more champagne or ivory colored gown because I am fair skinned and true white is one of the worst colors on me. I actually ended up choosing a white ballgown type dress, but with cherry red lines of embroidery running through it. I promise I didn't see anyone clutching their pearls over the red trimmings, lol.
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  • I wore a dress that had a "cafe" underlay with an ivory lace overlay (Allure). Definitely NOT white. 

    I'm really sorry your family made you feel bad about this and now you regret your choice. If you can get the ivory dress, do it if that's what you want! If it's not going to work and/or it's too expensive, I'm sure the dress you picked is beautiful.

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    It's your dress that you will be wearing.  I would be phoning up the store ASAP and asking if they can do an exchange for the colour.  Screw what anyone else thinks or says.
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    Go ivory
  • White is so close to ivory, no one will ever know.  My FSIL's wedding dress was ivory, and I could only tell because her H's shirt was white at the alter.  Get the one you love!  My dress is ivory, and I wouldn't have wanted white even if it came in white.
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    White = bleached white, ivory, bone white, winter white, pearl white, champagne white.

    All of these are shades of white.  Bleached white - the bright white of today, did not exist at all until modern chemistry made it possible.
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    I like the sound of the ivory dress better! I'm all for showing details. I'm one of those wedding-photo-stalkers and I'm always disappointed in whiiiiiiite dresses. So much detail gets washed away.

  • I didn't realize my dress was considered ivory until I looked at the tag.  And variations of color are frequently different.  
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  • Ndelible said:
    I didn't realize my dress was considered ivory until I looked at the tag.  And variations of color are frequently different.  

    This is very true. If you are a snarky bride you could respond with (unless its true)  "Well you know what white stand for?" it's why I've chosen another color. HA just kidding sometimes though to add humor gets people off your back and they get the point of not telling you ALL of their inner thoughts. Its your wedding. White looked AWFUL on me. Some people it looks GREAT on. If you dont feel amazing in it. then by all means do not get it.
  • I actually had people get on to me for exact opposite. I feel in LOVE with a white dress. One family member found out about it and told me I had to return my dress since I was not pure. 1) She has no idea about my sex life what so ever. 2) I could careless. She wants to make assumptions whether they are right or wrong then so be it. I love my dress! My advice is if you love the dress go back and get it in the color you want and rock it on your wedding day! Do not let someone tell you what color you have to get.

  • If you're going to bother with a wedding dress at all, be sure it's what you actually want to wear.  It's going to be on your body on your wedding day.  It's got to feel right to you.  Who cares what people say about the color?  If your shop will let you exchange the white for the ivory, you should absolutely do it.  My wedding dress was an ivory as well, with an eggshell underlay.  Basically pearl white, and I loved it.
  • Ivory photographs better.  A pure white dress can reflect the camera flash and look like there is a streak of light or a blur or a white blob in the picture.

    This, and that the detail shows up better, makes an overwhelming case for ivory.

  • I don't get how they are saying that both dresses look the same, but are still telling you which one to get. I almost got ivory, but I liked the white better. Until I actually bought my dress, I had thought I would end up buying ivory. I think warm tones are beautiful.
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    Go with the ivory if that's what you love. Mine's ivory, even though FI says he hates ivory, it makes me happy and that's all that matters.
  • Wear whichever color makes you feel beautiful. I have brown skin and I tried on a white dress and it was TOO white. I felt like I was gleaming and not in a good way. My gown is ivory and it fits my skin tone just right. If you fell in love with the ivory, then go with ivory. 
  • If you like it in ivory, I think that's what you should get. Although your sisters' and mother's opinions probably matter to you, you're the one that has to wear the dress. My dress is champagne with ivory lace over the entire thing, and the only way you would notice that it isn't white is if you put something white next to it and compare. If you switch the dresses, they might not even notice until you say something! I think that ultimately, your sisters and mom will agree with how much you love it eventually! :)

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  • You need to wear what suits YOU.  I have very pale skin and red hair, and when I tried on the white wedding dresses, I looked very sallow.  Ivory dresses were better, and I ultimately ordered my dress in a champagne color because that color looked the best on me and I really liked it.  Plus, if you're going to spend that kind of money on a dress, it needs to be the one you LOVE. 
  • I went with the ivory and so happy! how do i make a wedding ticker??
  • I'm so glad you decided to go with the ivory! :) First, click on the community page. Somewhere on the left it says fun stuff. Then click on wedding ticker, which is where you get to customize your ticker. Copy and paste the first link it gives you. Then go to signature setting in account options. After you do that, click on the red <> button. Then click in the box and paste the link. If you don't click on the red <> before pasting, it won't work (or at least it didn't for me)!

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