September 2014 Weddings


Now that we are less than a month away from the wedding I am continually surprised by all of the "little" things I need to do. For example -

get gift bags for the bridal party gifts,

Wear my heels to break them in before the big day,

or get the programs printed (ok, that's kind of a big one but it's something I am procrastinating nonetheless!)

Hows it going for all the other Sept Brides? Chaos?? 



  • I have 17 days left until the big day, and I am feel the pre-wedding jitters! Not BAD jitters, but just super excited/hope everything goes as planned/it-better-not-rain-at-my-beach-wedding jitters. Ha!

    Everything is paid for in full, and almost everything is done. 

    The last to-do's:

    - Print off photos for photo frames (memory table)
    - Buy travel-sized toiletries for the honeymoon

    That's it! Soooo close. :)
    Wedding Countdown Ticker

  • I'm so damn anxious!!! 2 weeks from Saturday and it can't come fast enough! I need to finalize the seating chart (I think we finally have our head count!), make escort cards, wrap BM gifts, make table numbers, and pay for cake, catering, and flowers. There are some other little things to do, but those are the big ones. Oh, and we're meeting with our officiant tomorrow to finalize the ceremony! Yay!
  • AH!  The day is coming so quick and it's really starting to hit me!  We are moving this weekend, two weeks before the wedding, and everything is so hectic I feel like I'm forgetting a million things!  Luckily, we did all of the major things way ahead of time, so I'm not too stressed, but I'm realizing that there are a million tiny details to take care of now.  I just wrote out my weekend timeline and we are working on seating everyone (still missing some RSVP's though!)
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