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Ceremony in jeopardy: another update

For those that didn't read it, I posted back in early July that I found out I needed my first marriage annulled. (I got divorced in 2011, and am getting married again this December). After my divorce I was referred to a priest who would research whether or not I needed an annulment because I was married in an interfaith ceremony in a hall. Turned out that priest messed up and I did need to get that marriage annulled, with only 5 months until my wedding. After filling out a ton of paperwork and giving testimony with my witnesses just YESTERDAY, I received a call from the Presiding Judge and was told that the annulment will be GRANTED!!! Of course, I'm thrilled! They said they were making my case a priority because the other priest messed up, which wasn't my fault. Normally something like this takes over a year. Now my ceremony is no longer in jeopardy, and my dream of having a Catholic Mass will be coming true! Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond and offer me advice last month. I really appreciate it! :-)


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Re: Ceremony in jeopardy: another update

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