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October 2014 Weddings

Let's talk bachelorette...

My friends just finalized the bachelorette plan.  It's going to occur right after the shower portion since it's all the same girls (probably around 7 or so), minus my mom and FI's mom.  We are going to go to a place called "Painting with a Twist" where you take a painting class and drink (byob) and socialize.  I've been to one before and loved it.  The picture we'll be painting is called City Lights and it's a cool/modern pic of the city where I live.  I like this idea more so than just going out to some bars because I'm a bit older than the average bride and I don't need craziness or a drunkfest...no penis straws for this girl!

What does your bachelorette itinerary look like?

Re: Let's talk bachelorette...

  • mocarski002mocarski002 member
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    Mine is next weekend! Fri-Sat and we are going to Long Island and staying at my MOH/sister's Aunt in Laws. We are doing wine tours all day Saturday (my sister got a limo) and may go out to dinner Saturday night. Its me, 1 bridesmaid, my maid of honor and a few other friends. 2 of my bridesmaids live out of state and cant make it and 1 is under 21. Sunday is my shower :)


  • I believe we're going to a piano bar. I'm going out with my BM tonight, and she said she wants to work on plans, so we'll probably nail some plans down tonight
  • We are heading to Boston to go to a drag show. Good times!
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    We're doing a painting thing too to start with! Ours is called Sips n' Strokes though. :) We'll all go painting and get tipsy and then go out for dinner at a super nice restaurant in Atlanta. Afterwards we're going to hit up the bars in the area before crashing at a hotel for the night. I can't wait!

    Pretty sure my MOH is planning all sorts of penis related things unfortunately...I suppose I deserve it since I let her friends do the exact same thing to her at her bachelorette party.

  • If anyone shows up with penis of any variety, I'm ditching the party. I can't get behind the inflatable, glowing penis thing. My BM and MOH are well aware of this though, so I think we should be safe
  • I went to a painting party for a Bachelorette party back in June and it was so fun! I think for mine we're going bowling or going to a haunted hay ride, then bar hoping a bit. Should be a good time either way.
  • I love painting parties!  

    I'm not sure what we're doing my BMs are keeping it a secret.  I just said told them I want to drink and dance!
  • i don't have a wedding party so one of my best girlfriends has taken the reins.... the two of us are getting our hair and makeup done, then meeting our other girlfriends for a night of drag queen bingo and bar-hopping, drinking and dancing in Hollywood!

    hurry up sept 6!
  • Mine is on September 6th and all I know is that it is in NYC but its a surprise and I have no idea what my bridal party has planned for me!
  • Shower that goes into a trip to Hunkmania (http://www.hunkmania.com). I'm embarrassed, but also kind of thrilled. 
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  • I'm not one for bar hopping and whatnot either, so my MOH is hosting the bachelorette party at her house. It's a wine, cheese and chocolate tasting party with lingerie gifts. She created some games out of it (pairings, each guest gets a card for guessing wine varietals and regions, etc) and for the lingerie part, I believe she's going to do sort of a 'guess who brought each pair of panties' sort of thing. My mom, FMIL, my "other mother" (mom's long-time bff) and MOH's mom are all invited. It should be pretty low-key, which is totally my style, and a lot of fun! 
  • BM surprised me and said she reserved a suite at a hotel right by the piano bar for the night! I'm so excited. We're planning on dinner and drinks and fun at the piano bar, then games and silliness at the hotel after. I can't wait! That's going to be the busiest week ever, shower on the 13th, pick up dress on the 17th and bachelorette party on the 20th. Eeeeep!
  • had mine this weekend!

    Saturday itinerary: pole class, education + toy party, dinner, dancing until the morning

    Sunday: brunch

    2 of my bridesmaids planned it and I requested all the event details be kept a surprise.  They did such a wonderful job!  Can't believe it's all over.  I want to do it again!

  • Sooooo.... I'm going to have to plan my own bachelorette party. Is that normal? My MOH is busy all the time, and the other bridesmaids are either pregnant, underage, or very anti-drinking/bars/clubs. Help?
  • @kgover - Ok, so do you even want a bachelorette? You don't have to have one. If you want one, I would say you could invite the girls out for a "last supper" kind of thing, where you all just meet up for dinner somewhere. Or brunch is a nice option as well. I guess I wouldn't assume that others will pay for you, since you're technically planning it, though.
  • @Pepperally I would love to have a bachelorette party! I'm not a heavy drinker, but I like to have fun. I guess I'm just kinda bummed that I have to plan it, I really don't want it to be lame and have no one show up. (Back story, half of my bridesmaids won't be attendance at my shower, no one came when I picked out my dress). I'm probably just feeling sorry for myself, but it's starting to get upsetting :(
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @kgover I agree with @Pepperally. You really shouldn't be planning your own bachelorette anyway, and it kind of seems like the girls you actually want to have their wouldn't be in to that sort of thing. I think a ladies brunch (or high tea!!) or a girl's night out style evening would be fun without calling it a bachelorette. Do you have any of those painting or ceramics painting type places in your area. A lot of them will allow you to bring in your own drinks and snacks and afterwards you can have a sleepover or movie night or go out to dinner or whatever.

  • @kgover - Well, I'm sorry to hear that.  I know that it's one time in a girl's life that she wants a little extra attention.  Are they out of your area?  Why won't they be at your shower?

    I don't like planning much either because I fear people won't have a good time.  But if you just tell them that It would really mean a lot if they'd come to a dinner/brunch/whatever, and try to get dates that everyone/the majority are available, then I don't see why they wouldn't come.  They are part of your wedding party for a reason, right?

  • @Pepperally 1 lives out of state, my MOH is a bartender with boyfriend issues (looooooong story), one is pregnant :) I definitely understand that they are busy, I would just think they could've asked off work considering I sent them all dates of the events well in advance.  I will try to have a heart to heart with my MOH and let her know how I'm feeling
  • Sometimes getting off work is a PITA. My BM is a vet tech. They've been swamped and short-handed lately and have been denying basically every time off request turned in because they literally don't have anyone to work. I'd definitely talk to your ladies and let them know how you're feeling. Maybe there are reasons they aren't able to come :)
  • You could also try to just do something individually with each of them if it's too hard to coordinate one time.  Maybe meet for drinks with one, have brunch with another, etc. 
  • Mine is tmrw! My sister and I are taking the ferry tonight and everyone else will meet us there tmrw! SO excited!


  • PepperallyPepperally member
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    I'm annoyed with a friend, yet not surprised in the least..ETA but I deleted the rant. I'm over it. It was shower/bachelorette related
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