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Not the same old MOH gifts??

Hey ladies!

What are you giving your bridesmaids/MOH's as gifts? I don't want to give the same ole' gifts but still want to do something beach related since we are getting married in Mexico. I was thinking of a cute beach bag, personalized beach towel and one of those cute bikini bags for your wet suit. Is this lame?

I have 2 MOH's and they are my best friends so I know they will love anything but was trying to think of something more creative. I don't want to give jewelry though either b/c my one friend rarely wears any and the other has very unique taste in jewery.

Any suggestions would be awesome!

Re: Not the same old MOH gifts??

  • Hmmm, that does sound great to incorporate your destination into their gift. Now you've got me thinking if I could pull off something similar. My destination wedding is DC, so no bathing suit bags for me. Things I would also consider when in Mexico : an excursion of some kind if your ladies like adventure. There are many different experiences this could incorporate, water sports, a trip to the tequila factory for a tasting, ect... I am always a fan of an experience over something tangible, but maybe that's me. The best gifts I receive are wonderful memories made.
  • Remember that the gifts should be personal to them. Get them something they like, and stop worrying that they won't match. If you are set on the beach bag idea, maybe get the bag but forego the towel and get something personal to each (whether it's a book, jewelry, ect.). Towels are bulky and a pain in the ass to travel with, so I wouldn't want to find a way to cram it in my suitcase on the way home, and woudn't bring it with me either.

    My girls all got completely different stuff specifically picked out for each of them prior to traveling for the wedding. And, they each got a handwritten note and a little trinket when we were on the beach in Mexico.

    "There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness." -Friedrich Nietzsche, "On Reading and Writing"
  • I see what you're saying it's just to hard to think of what to get them! We buy each other gifts all the time (bdays xmas) etc so it's like what else could someone need? lol

    When we were co-MOHs in my one girlfriends wedding (we are a group of 3 best friends and will be/were MOH in each others weddings) she got us a monogrammed bag (which I use all the time), flip flops to dance in and a cute book about a little girl who wants to get married. She didn't get us personalized stuff.

    What trinkets did you get your girls?

  • Personally, I think those aren't really gifts. I mean, what would you do with a book about a girl who wants to get married? That seems so strange to give a grown woman. If the other girl got a monogrammed bag at the last wedding, do you plan on just giving her another one? That seems silly. 

    Just because she didn't do it, doesn't mean you shouldn't. If it was your birthday, and you got the same gifts as everyone else, would you really think you were special? That someone went above and beyond to thank you personally for being awesome? That's what the gifts are supposed to mean. That's why we tell people to shop for your girls individually, and not some cliche bridesmaid stuff that isn't special (and no, monogramming doesn't make something special). 

    The girls bridesmaids gifts were: a stained glass suncatcher, a pearl bracelet, an adopt-a-panda from the zoo, and a ukelele. At the rehearsal in Mexico, they got a Cozumel magnet. 
    "There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness." -Friedrich Nietzsche, "On Reading and Writing"
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    We got married in St Lucia for the ones who couldnt make it I got a postcard to go with their gifts.

    Matron of Honor loves pandora charms-Got her sunglasses with purple lens. (Our color)
    Maid of Honor-I found this wood box. I got engraved with her initial and on the inside said thank you. A Purple wine tote and a personalized vinyl wine glass. You can beach themed.
    BMs-Purple wine bags and the wine glasses. 

    I got gifts that reflect them. The ones that like to drink, our color, and etc.

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  • We got married in Hawaii. My MOH loves the ocean, fish, swimming, being active, etc., so we took her (and her DH) to the north shore on a day trip for a shark dive. She then booked surfing lessons that afternoon in the same place, so we made a day of it.

  • For our wedding party, we got a lot of smaller gifts chosen for each of them individually plus the dresses and suits.  So for my ladies, I gave them gift cards for their favorite restaurant, some kind of jewelry (not to wear at the wedding - chosen for their style), movie, book or journal, their favorite beauty product splurge item, etc. with a few little travel/Mexico items (custom (design, not monogrammed) passport holders and luggage tags, gift card for the coffee shop in the airport we were flying out of, and pool bar cup with lid to use at our AI).

    Also, I gave all of them their gifts a few weeks before we flew out because I didn't want them to have to haul anything back home with them with the exception of the cups, which I brought to and from Mexico for them.
  • For the ladies who gave suggestions thank you for the advice!

    As far as telling me what my best friend got me as a MOH gift was silly I didn't need your opinion. Thanks
  • I didn't say your friend's gift was silly. I said that if you give a girl a monogrammed bag knowing she already has one from the last wedding she was in, then that's silly.
    "There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness." -Friedrich Nietzsche, "On Reading and Writing"
  • I mean, what would you do with a book about a girl who wants to get married? That seems so strange to give a grown woman


    Sorry, strange was the choice of word. It was a cute kids book made for adults and she wrote a message to each of us in the book instead of giving us a card. Personally, none of us found it strange. I've just noticed that you make rude comments on many girls posts and I just dont think it's necessary. You told someone yesetday that if she gets her marriage license here but has a wedding/ceremony in Mexico that's "ridiculous". It's her life and her decision, pretty sure she doesnt need your approval.

  • She doesn't. People make their own decisions in life, and I simply offer an outsiders perspective when asked for it on a public message board.

    "There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness." -Friedrich Nietzsche, "On Reading and Writing"
  • Your thread gave me inspiration. Specifically the book. It got me thinking and aside from whatever else we get, I will be making the Maids of Honor, and both sets of parents a photo book that chronicles our lives together. Each book will be unique to each person.

    So while not what you were talking about, I think book was the trigger word that gave me the idea for something extra personal!
  • Thats an awesome idea! Super cute @bridesontherun


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