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Chinese Banquet in Bay Area

I'm white and fiancé is Chinese. His family is from Hong Kong and was very excited when we said we were interested in a banquet as our rehearsal dinner. Which is now somewhat turning into a second full event. However, his parents are very concerned that the food is up to their standards. Which is legit but means we're struggling to find a good place. Because of my huge family and out of town guests, we're looking at 70 people and closer to 150 if we invite the whole list. 

So- anyone know a good place in the Berkeley, Oakland, or SF? 

His family is nearer Daly City but the wedding will be in Berkeley and I'd like the banquet to ideally be somewhere transit accessible or an affordable taxi ride from Berkeley where our guests will be staying. We may be able to arrange transportation but I'd like the venue not so far away we couldn't do a cocktail event afterwards for younger friends. 

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