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I spoke with a caterer this weekend about food options, and she had said that dessert bars are becoming popular among guests at weddings.  She said they could do a variety of cakes, pies, cookies, and guests could just choose what they wanted.  Does anyone know if this an expensive option to have?  It sounds neat, but it also sounds expensive.



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  • I would imagine that it's largely dependent on your caterer and the choices you offer.

    I suspect that if you're going for simple desserts vs. a very complex cake, it could be cheaper. It really depends on your tastes and the vendor.
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  • That's exactly what we are going for.  She is supposed to have a quote for me this week sometime, so I guess we will see then!
  • Back in the "stone age" we used to call it a Viennese Table.  They can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, but are usually a lot of fun and much anticipated.  Sometimes they have included make your own sundaes.
  • I does sound really neat, I just hope it's not an arm and a leg.  Hopefully it won't be!
  • Dessert was included in the cost of my buffet or I could substitute it for the cake cutting fee. We served the white chocolate cake and apple pie instead of paying extra for a wedding cake. Ask if any dessert is included in the cost of your buffet.
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  • I had cupcakes, cookies, petit fours and a small cake. I don't think it was a ton cheaper, but it def wasn't more expensive.

    I liked the variety. I also liked that people could grab a cookie or small cupcake and get back on the dance floor. It seemed less fussy than a big slice of cake that requires a fork.
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    We were planning to do a dessert bar, the place where we are having our reception allows outside catering and food so, we are having our grandmas and moms make pies and a local bakery will provide a variety of cookies and pastries for under $75.
  • We had a dessert table at our wedding & it was great. We had a variety of cookies, mouses, chocolate covered strawberries, frest fruit & some other bite size pastries. Something for just about everyone.
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