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Hello everyone! I have been racking my brain trying to think of a gift for my groom. He already has all the typical groom gifts I've been seeing around - boudoir shots, love letters, a watch, socks. He has his own little whiskey barrel, cufflinks, the list goes on. I thought it would be fun to get him a leather-bound travel journal for our honeymoon and all future travels together. His family had one as he was growing up, and his parents have a nice one for the two of them as empty-nesters. So that's on my list for sure, but it spawned another idea. What about a 'something old-new-borrowed-blue' for HIM for the wedding day? But then, I wonder, what sort of items could go with the NEW journal? I appreciate any and all ideas - I'm excited to put something fun and meaningful together but I can't seem to get my wheels spinning! Thank you!

Re: Gifts For the Groom

  • OP - If your user name is your real name, I highly suggest changing it.  Internet safety, you know?  Hopefully some of the girls here will have some good ideas!  We skipped gifts and put it towards a kick ass honeymoon and we each bought some nice jewelry there.
  • We skipped gifts as well. I meant to do boudoir photos for him, but they never panned out.

  • How about a nice fountain pen to go with the journal? It could be "old" if you find one in good condition from a pawn shop or antique store or something. Or "new" and just buy a new one.

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