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'Scouting' from a local - LONG!

Hi everyone! I've posted a couple times, but figured I'd finally contribute something. A little about me - I'm a Vegas local (born and raised) and I'll be celebrating my 6 year wedding anniversary this January, which is when we're planning a vow renewal. The first time around we just went down to the court house with our parents and two best friends so this is the first time planning for anything!

On to the goods! I'm leaning towards an in-suite option and would love to be able to do both ceremony and reception there. Problem? We have roughly 50-55 people that will be attending, which I think might be too tight for both. I've also looked into other options, more specifically Aria and Hard Rock Café (the one on the strip).

Hard Rock Café: I've been dealing with Laura who is amazing! So down to earth, answers all my questions extremely fast was so friendly on the tour! I toured it today and love the balcony (too small - 40ppl max) and the LIVE space - both on the third floor. The only issue is that to do a ceremony in either of those spots the ceremony has to be over by noon and reception by 2 pm. I guess this is often rented out for concerts and corporate events so unless you're having 100+ people and willing to drop $15k-$20k you have to have it fairly early. They do have something called the chapel room (also on the 3rd floor) which is just a closed off room with pictures of rock n roll couples adorning the walls. It's very ballroom feeling (cute, but ballroom), but can do both ceremony and reception. She said max 75 - that seems a bit tight to me for a reception. Ceremony, maybe. The minimum for that room (no time of day restriction) is $3,500 and you can count your ceremony in that as well. Another option for a reception is to just eat downstairs in their restaurant. It's semi private and has menus starting at $20pp with no F&B minimum! They're also contracted with Orange Soda Photography, which I actually happen to love!. Ceremony packages start at $750 for standing room only and $1250 for seating up to 60 guests.

Aria: TONS of Aria brides here. It's absolutely gorgeous! I toured it last year and fell in love. After they started to nickel and dime me to death I lost interest. Last year they were also willing to honor the vow renewal package ($1k) on a Friday which was awesome! This year it doesn't seem like they're as lenient. I'm just stuck on paying $3k on a 20 min ceremony that doesn't actually change our status. I've emailed them to ask if they allow customizations or maybe credits for everything we don't need (limo to marriage bureau, night stay, etc.) I emailed Erika and her assistant 3 times over the course of a week and a half and didn't receive anything. I finally resent an initial emailing explaining everything and Marissa is now in contact with me.

Bellagio Hyde: LOVE the Bellagio (The hubs proposed in front of the fountains), but the chapels are a bit more traditional for our tastes and the outside locations aren't an option for 55 people. I love the pictures I've seen of Hyde. I emailed and received a reply within a couple days. The email states, "Please be advised that the minimum package to upgrade to Hyde is the Deluxe wedding package (Sundays thru Thursdays), Deluxe wedding package with premium (Fridays), and Bellagio wedding package (Saturdays). The upgrade to Hyde for the ceremony is an additional $3,500 on top of your wedding package." So For a Saturday the Bellagio wedding package is $3,900 + $3,500 = more than we want to spend. NEXT!

PBR Rock Bar (After party): Great location! You can rent out the whole venue, just the upstairs or be on the main floor off to the side. The upstairs (private bar, seating, pool table, beer pong table [if you want it]) minimum is $3575. They also offer full reception food (still casual) or stations - Mac n cheese bar, nacho bar, carving station, or fun Hors d'oeuvres like chicken and waffle sewers, fried pickles, grilled cheese and tomato soup shots. Their open bar packages are $36pp for 2 hours, $46pp for 3 hours and $56pp for 4 hours. If you decide not to do the secluded upstairs private area you can be downstairs off to the side with no minimum. I do have to check on this though, because I remember going there with friends and a open bar wrist band was only $25. Maybe (hopefully) the $36pp is higher quality liquor.

Onto the suites. This is where I have more hesitation and questions! (The prices quoted are for a Saturday night non wedding season, but it IS convention season in Vegas!)

This site has been fantastic for information! At first I was sold on the Apex suite in Planet Hollywood, which is still a top contender. I just feel its not possible for ceremony and reception for 55 people. Maybe we could get away with a cocktail reception?

Palms Fantasy Suites: I have a brochure that was emailed to me with pricing if anyone would like it! The G Suite - Event capacity is 100. Its 2,000 sq. Ft. (2,500 if adding on the extra bedroom). $3k during the week and $4k on the weekends. Decorated like the Ghostbar - all gold, full bar, pool table, lounge type seating. The other one is the Celebrity Suite - Event capacity is 65, square footage is 1500. $2k during the week and $3k on the weekends.

I also got a quote from 33 group for the Palms Place Penthouse B which is 3,120 sq Ft and event capacity of 75 for $3,360. This seems like a screaming deal! And the Palms Place 2 Bedroom Suite for $587. Has anyone ever worked with them? I searched and only found a couple posts, but no one ever reviewed the company.

Hard Rock hotel: I was dead set on getting the real world penthouse suite until I called and found out it's $12k!!! She basically said the 3 bedrooms (real world, paradise tower penthouse) are $12k, 2 bedrooms (Nirvana, Provocateur) are $8,500 and the one bedrooms (Sex & Pistols, Infinity) are $5k. So nope, not happening.

The Cromwell: I'm trying to set up a tour here because after the Reno it looks amazing online! I have price quotes of $2,180 for the Cromwell Suite which is 1,750 sq Ft and sort of a glam aspect to it. The Gallery Suite is $899 a night.

Cosmopolitan: I really want to tour the West End Penthouse - anyone ever stayed here or done an in-suite? How is security? Would it be difficult to get catering + 55 people up the elevators??

Aria: 1 Bedroom Panoramic Penthouse quoted for $808. I know I've read some reviews. Do you think 55 people would fit for ceremony AND receptions? I would also love to know if anyone has any experience with the Sky Villas?

MGM: This is where I keep going back to. The videos of their suites look amazing! What are your thoughts on capacity for the Skyline Terrace Suite? Quoted at $1,060. Then onto the Sky Lofts. I'm in love. The 1 bedroom is $1,198, but I don't know if it'd be comfortable for everyone. I'm set on the 2 bedroom Terrace Sky Loft which I was quoted roughly $3,500. If I could get any sort of feedback about catering and getting people up there. I did receive a reply from them saying 40 people max allowed in the 2 bedroom and catering is $110 pp ++. I know more than 40 people can fit and be comfortable, I'm just worried about getting those people through the security. Any insight?

I also have information on Trevi, Beijing Noodle 9, Serendipity's 3, Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, Gordon Ramsay BURGR, Sugar Factory, Yard House (Town Square location), Strip House, Grand Lux Café, Joe's Seafood, Carmines, Wolfgang Puck @ Crystals, Mix Lounge, Canonita, and The Barrymore.

PHEW! Sorry it's so long! Any questions let me know! And if anyone can answer any of my suite questions? THANKS!!

Re: 'Scouting' from a local - LONG!

  • Have you considered the Stardust Suite at Orleans?  It will be a bit more expensive than the ones at the Palms, but includes catering in the base price and only changes based on menu and drink options.  I think you'd come out a couple thousand ahead in the end since Palms will require you use their catering too, which is expensive.

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  • Thanks for all the info!!
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  • @vegasgroom‌ I really want to stay on the strip. Ideally around aria, Cosmo, Bellagio, planet hollywood, etc. MGM I can do because the sky lofts are out of this world and we can do everything in suite. I just want to see if anyone has ever had an in suite in the sky lofts, sky villas (aria), or palms fantasy suites?

    I've also looked at Hotel 32 but again haven't heard much about it and parties.

  • wrigleyvillewrigleyville Chicago member
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    Suites do lend themselves better toward a cocktail reception. We had our reception in the Vista Suite, which didn't have enough seats for everyone, so I rented some along with some extra high-boy tables. Most people mingled, but I felt better knowing they could sit while they ate instead of trying to balance everything. (Plus, standing in heels for too long really sucks.)

    We ended up having several heavy appetizers (sliders, etc), a fruit tray, a cheese plate, a veggie tray, rolls, and so on. It let people keep picking at stuff as the evening went on. We also had cupcakes and cake pops instead of a regular cake.

    It was fun! :)

  • Wow! So thorough! This help out people a lot.
    I know what you're saying about Aria. I am booked there for November (booked back in March) and I went to their website yesterday considering changing my package and the prices have doubled!!
  • I would love to more about Trevi.  I am need a place for a reception dinner.  30-40 people I would like the budget to be around $25-$35 for food.  Any ideas?  
  • Wow! So thorough! This help out people a lot. I know what you're saying about Aria. I am booked there for November (booked back in March) and I went to their website yesterday considering changing my package and the prices have doubled!!
    WOW, mine went from 2650 -> 3500!
  • ericandmarieericandmarie member
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    Trevi's Lunch options are $29.95pp and $34.95pp. Dinner is $44.95pp, $53.95pp and $62.95pp. Bar Options range from one to three hours and are beer and wine $30pp, $45pp, $55pp; Full call bar $25pp, $37pp, $49pp. F&B minimum is $2,000 for a Saturday in January. We'd be on the Mezzzanine level which I was told can accommodate 15-135.

    If you'd like the full brochure I can email it to you! 

    Hard Rock Cafe (don't know what style you're going for) offers an area off to the side, still in the main dinning room though, with no F&B minimum starting at $20pp up to $39pp.

    I also remember Planet Hollywood also has a banquet menu and starts at $25pp and goes to $45pp. They do have a $62 option that includes a two hour open bar. 
  • missbruisermissbruiser member
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    Thanks for the info.  My email is [email protected]  My father in-law to be wants us to go to the buffet at South Point, but, we would rather do something else.  Style wise we are up for anything.  :)

  • Wow! So thorough! This help out people a lot.
    I know what you're saying about Aria. I am booked there for November (booked back in March) and I went to their website yesterday considering changing my package and the prices have doubled!!

    WOW, mine went from 2650 -> 3500!
    Wow @hashtaggroomzilla‌ there's something to be said for booking early! Can't believe they've risen in price so dramatically. If I was booking now I wouldn't be able to justify that.
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    yeah if I was making the decision now Aria would not be in the running.   Cosmo's comparable package is "only" 2g's in comparison. 
  • If they weren't going to honor the vow renewal package price ($1k) it wasn't an option. Although, now that they will I'm super excited - and Marissa is awesome! I've had my heart set on this place since it opened. Only problem now is trying to find a place to eat after on a budget.
  • What day are you going looking to have your ceremony?  I'm guessing Friday from what you said.  We called Aria to get a block of rooms and also inquire about the panoramic suite, and we got it for $518/night during the week.
  • @aggiespartan‌ it's Saturday 1/24. I'm sure it helps being non wedding season.
  • Thanks for the info.  My email is [email protected]  My father in-law to be wants us to go to the buffet at South Point, but, we would rather do something else.  Style wise we are up for anything.  :)
    As a local we frequent South Point and IMO there are soooo many better buffets! If you're okay with going that far south on the strip, try The M Resort. We looove their buffet.
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  • Could one of the Vegas locals give me an idea what the price of a taxi from the airport to say the bellagio should be? Also, what route is the most efficient? I always feel like the taxi drivers are conning me so it would be nice to have an idea!
  • Hi Look into the wax bus! we just used it last week and it was cheap and quick

    We stayed at excalibur and got bus to tropicana and then walked a few minutes

    Cheap as chips and you dont get ripped of! or you could see if someone on your flight is staying at your hotel and split a cab...just a though :)
  • **UPDATE***

    So I've been in contact with a few of the hotels: 

    MGM 2 bedroom Sky Loft (toured it) and it's amazing. They are beyond nice and explained all the amenities that come with it. It's $3,200 a night, BUT if you are a AAA member you get 10% off and if you have an AMEX and go through their travel benefits I've heard it going for as low as $850/night (!!!!). She explained that they are able to remove (or add) any furniture you'd like before you arrive and also they have someone that will go and get food (or really anything) from anywhere in the Valley for just the cost of the item. She also kind of hinted that as long as you don't have cases and cases of beer and liquor the butler kind of looks the other way. They also have two ways to get your guests up: a regular guest list or an elevator password so when the guests check in (everyone has to check in and show ID) they just mention your elevator password and they're allowed up. (Also you can cater through them for $110 pp)

    Hotel 32 Penthouse: Super sweet staff. I would stay here (any room) in a heart beat if we were not locals and just coming down here for a vacation. The entrance after coming off the elevators looks similar to MGM Sky Lofts (it's an MGM property). The Penthouses themselves are really small, compared to the other hotels. They would host 15-20 comfortably - 30 if you don't care about comfort! The bedrooms are big and the bathrooms are giant. I would LOVE to get ready in there on the day of. The hubs was obsessed with the shower (you could probably fit 5-10 in the shower alone). 

    When I called Caesars I was told they no longer allow tours. Period. Well.. okay then. 

    I emailed Mandarin Oriental about their Mandarin Suite and Emperor Suite asking about one Saturday night in January. They are both $15k (plus taxes and fees) per night (eeeek). A little out of our price range. 

    I also put in a request for information for the West End Penthouses at Cosmopolitan. I received a reply saying it is a 2 night minimum stay. Friday and Saturday are $2k per night for the two bedroom and $2,500 for the three bedroom. It looks like weekdays run for about $1,500 per night. I was also told I can't tour these. For the wrap around terrace tour you call the day of for availability and tours are held at 2 pm. 

    Aria: I received a call back about the 2 bedroom sky villa and got a call back saying it's $3k per night and have a tour set up for this coming Monday so we'll see. This is our first choice (especially if we can still get the 30% off for having our renewal there)
  • thanks for the excellent report! with prices!
  • Hi
    Wow this is great
    Yes were sticking to Hotel32 because we love it and prices is good!

    Yes fi eyes poped out of his head when he saw the size of the tub and shower!!!!!!!! lol

    Thank you this is great
  • Sheesh, and here I was thinking our suite at Mandalay Bay was expensive for about $1,000/night!

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  • You have definitely piqued my interest with Hotel32's Penthouse. We have a small party (roughly 13-15 ppl at this point), and we were looking at doing one of those timeshares through the MGM/Signature or Trump, but Hotel32 sounds interesting. Anyone been in there before? 
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  • @jcray1978 we did tour it. You can also youtube a walk through of them. You can get a dining room table or a pool table - it's up to you
  • Thank you so much @ericandmarie! Much appreciated.
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  • HI Jaycray1978

    Hotel32 is inside monte carlo. Its in a good location, they also do great rates for guest as well as couple (according to fi who has been to vegas 27 he tells me - his 2nd home)

    Also they have a lounge where you can grab snacks am/pm. they have bars down stairs and restaurants. they bathtubs and showers are HUGE i mean 4 plus people easilly!!! very modern

    Now all hotel32 do not have ovens nor microwaves (i was told due to health & safety! maybe someone sued them i don't know)

    $550/nt for a penthouse suite for may compared to what else i was quoted (fri/sat rates) and 

    Treasure island wanted more money like $1000 and rooms were run down!
    Tropicana wanted $700+ a nt and while rooms were nice we were told their suites can not be gauranteed and are reserved for high rollers! so that put me off...also tropicana not as many restaurant - however the grounds is nice and the lady who showed us around was nice

    Aria oh wow but i refuse to pay $3k a night / MGM wanted $1300 a nt....1 night at aria/mgm pays for 3 nights at hotel32 (i really dont want to change rooms) i PROMISE you if you saw it you like it

    The clientel who stay at hotel32 are not riff raffs either.....either way best of luck :)
  • agreed re hotel32, only problem (for me) was the max capacity very low compared to other hotels. 
  • Aria depends on which suite you want and when you want it.  We reserved the one bedroom panoramic suite for $518/night during the week.  From what I've seen, it will comfortably hold 20+.  It was much cheaper to go through the booking department than to just reserve online.  

    The $3k suite you are talking about is probably the Sky Suite Villa, which some are larger than the house I live in.  
  • Hi
    Yes i ment sky villa - wow 
  • Correct. It's the Sky Villa @ Aria (Sky Lofts @ MGM). The chapel coordinator did say in the year+ she's been working there she's never gotten anyone to be 'approved' to book/tour the sky villa, so I'm excited to see it. 

    I do wish someone here had stayed in it so I can see if outside food is even possible. 
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