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Small wedding at home or DW in Bahamas?

My fiance and I were going to elope but I am having a hard time accepting the fact that my parents wouldnt be there. I now want to invite immediate family only but I dont know if my parents can afford it? Is it ok to offer to pay for either their airfare of their resort stay? I'm not sure my fiance will agree to this but it is really important to me that they be there. The other option is to have a small ceremony and dinner at home then go on a kick butt honeymoon after. I'm liking the DW idea better though. Thoughts? Other suggestions? 

Re: Small wedding at home or DW in Bahamas?

  • If you can afford to treat your parents then DW for sure. Seems like it's really important to you that they're there and if they can't afford it then that's your only option. Be great to do a quiet wedding at home though, if money is an issue.
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  • If you can afford it & FI is ok with it, then go for it. But in the end, if you have to change to a local ceremony to avoid having the regrets of your parents now being there, it will be worth it down the road because you won't have regrets.
  • I say go for it, if you can afford it!  I am flying my dad out to our wedding (caught the sales on SW a couple months ago) as a combo birthday/Christmas gift.
  • Yes you should include your parents.  You could have them escort you down the aisle and it would be most memorable.  You should pay for their hotel (they only need about 2-3 nights) and then you could remain at your destination for your honeymoon.  Good luck!
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