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2 questions. 1. Is a separate RSVP card standard with invitations now, or do people still just do phone numbers? 2. I've seen people here say it's not appropriate to include where you're registered at in the invites? I looked around but didn't see much more than that. I've never heard this so Im not sure why, assuming it's rude, but how do you let people know where you're registered at? Especially if you're not having a bridal shower?

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    1. Yes. I would recommend doing paper RSVPs because I think you have a better chance of getting them back as opposed to a phone call or email or online.

    2. No it's not appropriate to include registry information (or any gift information) on invitations since gifts are never required. People who want to give you a gift will ask you or your parents, bridal party, etc. or they will google your names.
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    If you have a wedding website, you can list your registry info there.
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    It's also best to do an actual RSVP card with your invite as people have said the online TK RSVP link has glitches. Additionally, if you do an actual RSVP card, make sure you stamp each return envelope as well.

    If you haven't done any form of invites, or save the dates on your save the dates, you can also list your wedding website link on them and as PP stated, you can put registry info there, otherwise wait til someone else asks you, never be the first to bring it up otherwise.
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    RSVP cards are the norm.  A telephone RSVP would only be appropriate for a relatively small, informal event where you don't need an exact head count.  

    It's never ok to include anything about gifts or registries in your invitation.  Just as you wouldn't walk up to someone and ask for a gift, you don't do it in writing.  A general rule of thumb is that you never bring up gifts to yourself.  That rule doesn't change just because you are getting married.  If people want to know, they'll ask.  
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    Well, absolutely traditional etiquette holds (I think @CMGragain can confirm this) that you don't include RSVP cards because guests are supposed to handwrite and mail back their responses to you.  That said, many people do include RSVP cards.  You can include your phone number and email address as well, but an RSVP card can also be used to indicate dietary or other needs by guests.

    But you're right, it's never appropriate to include any mentions of gifts or registries, including "no gifts" or similar requests in wedding invitations.  Should someone ask you about your registry, it's then certainly acceptable to tell them where you're registered.  But they have to be the one to initiate the discussion.
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