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Train length for a very petite girl.

Alright, I've discussed with my fiance and my mom so far. I would love to have a train for my wedding dress. However the issue is I am a very tiny girl. 
I'm 4'11 and curvy. Already I know I'm having to wear tall heels to reach my groom who stands 6'4 -.- So, I am in need of some advice lol. How long should my train be? My mom got out the tape measure and decided that the longest logical length could be 3ft long. I just don't want it to look ridiculous with me being so petite and such. All the tips I can get are extremely helpful <3

Re: Train length for a very petite girl.

  • Trains are completely personal and up to you.  My dress has no train, so I'm not much help in that regard, but here's an image I found on terms that you can communicate to salons when describing your dream dress:

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  • I think the best thing to do is get out there and start trying things on.  A skilled seamstress can always shorten a train if the one on the dress you fall in love with is too long.
  • I'm 5'3" (H is 6'2") and wore a chapel train. It's really up to you and partially dependent on how formal your wedding is. For instance, if you're getting married outdoors, you probably should have a shorter train or none at all because it will get dirty anyway. If you're having a very formal evening wedding, cathedral length is certainly reasonable.

    In any case, every bride with a train, regardless of height, benefits from having a bustle added to their gown. This way, after the ceremony, you can hook/button the train up so it won't drag or have to be held with a wrist strap (I've never known anyone to like those things anyway. Every bride I've seen using one abandoned it after about 5 minutes max).
  • Ah Chapel length! That's what I want, thanks gold <3 That was a huge help!

    And yeah, he wants a beach ceremony which is outdoors. But the reception part will be inside. I'm also thinking about a detachable train just in case, but I'm still not sure. We have plenty of time to plan still. Thanks y'all, you've been great helps :3
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