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Bridal Shower?

We are going on a cruise with just family to get married on the beach in Key West, then having a party with all of our friends & other family when we get back. Is it normal to have a bridal shower since we won't be inviting everyone to our wedding, just the party after? 
Most people already know that we are going away with just family since we are on a budget.
I am just so confused!!

Re: Bridal Shower?

  • Etiquette says that only those invited to the wedding should be invited to the shower/bachelorette party. The whole reason for a shower is for people to give gifts. It's rude to ask for gifts but not invite them to the wedding. It's like telling people they are good enough to buy you something but not good enough to invite to the wedding. We are skipping showers/parties because we are also having a DW in Hawaii.
  • Only those invited to the wedding should be invited to pre-wedding parties.  Otherwise you're basically asking them for a gift but saying they're not good enough/close enough to be invited.  It looks gift grabby.  

    Depending on the size of family going with you, if they offer to throw you a shower and only those going to the wedding are invited, you could have a nice small shower.  

  • Thanks so much! I am getting pressure from people to have one and I feel like I shouldn't, so I wanted to get other opinions before I made a decision. 
    Appreciate your help!
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