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Final Invite wording-please check!

You knotties are the best at picking out correct wording and phrasing!

Mr. & Mrs. Step Dads Name
Mrs. Step moms Name
Request the honour of your presence at

the marriage of
Shannonmaya full name 
FH full name

Saturday, the seventh of March
Two thousand and fifteen
at six o'clock in the evening

Coral Gables Church
Coral Gables, Florida

Reception to follow

Side notes: Reception is in another location (I will have a reception enclosure card); father passed and that's why step moms name is without his.


Re: Final Invite wording-please check!

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    Disclaimer: I'm no expert! 

    First line is your mom and her husband, ok. Second line is your late dad's wife. Is she hosting as well? If not, she shouldn't be on the invitation. If so, make sure her name is the standard widow format, which is Mrs. John Doe.

    "The" should be capitalized. 
    In the evening is not necessary, but ok if you like it. 
    Reception to follow is used only when the reception is at the same location as the wedding. Your reception card will be sufficient. 

    @cmgragain. Are you well enough to help?
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    dolewhipperdolewhipper member
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    NYCMercedes Both of my moms are hosting. FH parents are helping financially but not hosting guests. 

    I made a reception card that is titled "reception and additional information" that reads like this:

    The pleasure of your company 
    is requested at the reception 
    immediately following the ceremony
    hilton blahblah
    miami, florida

    for more information, 
    please visit shannonmaya & FHs wedding website at: blahblah


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    Capitalize the reception card venue information.

    But it's not necessary to have it read "The pleasure of your company is requested at the reception...."  I think you'll be okay if it reads

    Immediately following the ceremony
    Hilton etc.
    123 Street Address
    Miami, Florida
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    CMGragainCMGragain member
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    The regs know I am having vision problems.  I will try to help.

    Mr. and Mrs. Step Dads Name
    Mrs. Father's Name
    request the honour of your presence
    at the marriage of
    Shannonmaya full name
    Mr. FH full name

    Saturday, the seventh of March
    two thousand fifteen
    at six o'clock
    Coral Gables Church
    Coral Gables, Florida


    Seven o'clock
    City, State

    You cannot use "reception to follow" when it is in a different location.

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    Jen4948CMGragain ! I've been off the boards a few months-hope you feel better soon!


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    @CMGragain, I see you're back on call on the I & P board. Lucky for us : ) How are you feeling?
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    I can't see much.  I won't post often.  I'm just checking for posts twice a day to see if anybody REALLY needs me.  Surgery was successful.  My vision should return in about 2 months, maybe.  It looks like somebody smeared vaseline on both sides of my glasses.  Really sucks, but I think God is teaching me to be grateful for things.
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    Thanks for checking for invitation questions. I can't imagine the frustration of looking through blurry eyes. I hope it's getting better every day. Thoughts and prayers heading your way.
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