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I dont know about anybody else out there but I have been so frustrated by the price of table linens-- renting or buying. I am on a tight budget and really really do not want to be spending a lot of money on table linens. I have been looking everywhere for some cheap prices and keeping my eye out. I had a few different ideas...

a) If anyone has any suggestions on the cheapest place to buy them please share! I would be super interested in knowing.

b) I would LOVE to share table linens with someone and go 50/50 on the price with someone in the area. My wedding is December 18th, 2010 (so obviously not someone with a wedding that day) and my colors are navy blue and silver. Additionally, I could do white table cloths as well. I am expecting between 150-200 people at my wedding. Therefore, we estimated 18 round table cloths and 5 rectangle ones. This can be a little flexible too. If you are interested PLEASE respond and we can have a chat-- hopefully figure something out.

I know if this is bothering me it has to be something most people deal with!

Re: Sharing Table Linens...

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    I'm looking at similar issues and numbers, just the colors are off. White may work, or we've been thinking about throwing another color into the mix and navy works well with dark purple. What sizes were you looking at? My wedding is in March, what part of the state are you in?
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    What are your current colors? I could def do white table linens-- and then if you added navy or silver with the purple we could do table runners in those or just order table runners separately even and then you could get purple. The table runners are the cheap part.

    Our tables are apparently large-ish. Fiance says the seat 10 comfortably and he is more familiar with the venue then I am. For practicality sake, I am thinking they seat eight but that still makes them larger than normal round tables therefore probably like 120" on the round ones and normal banquet size on the rectangle?

    I am located currently in Corvallis but am in the Portland area  a lot too. We do quite a bit of traveling too and I would bet that we could find a place to exchange between December and March. Let me know!
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    I'm in Salem, so this is perfect! Plus Chris goes down to OSU a few times a month for work.

    White works great for us, or ivory. Our tables seat 8, but one size up will hardly make a difference. I've been looking around at linentablecloth.com and cvlinens.com . Similarly priced, although linentablecloth tends to have coupon codes and the other site doesn't.

    Do you want to buy them and have us buy them from you for half? Vice versa? Split the cost upfront? Also, they come packaged in little squares, so I have a garment steamer for steaming them if you want to borrow it. It goes soo much faster than ironing.
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    Also, white or ivory would probably be really easy to sell after the fact and recoup some of our money.
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    I have purchased some navy blue tablecloths that I will be selling after my 7/31 wedding.  I have 20 rounds and 8 rectangles.  Let me know if you're interested!
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    I am interested in doing that for sure! I would prefer ivory... as my dress is ivory... but am not too picky either way! I have been looking a couple places, just trying to find the cheapest prices. We prefer to buy the linens however would like to split the cost up front as well. How do you feel?
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    I definitely prefer ivory, so it makes me happy you do as well! I'm excited, just have to run it by Chris...what sort of prices have you dug up so far and from where?
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    nannabug-- I am TERRIBLE at checking here. My email is [email protected] MUCH better way to get ahold of me...

    And I havent found anything stellar price wise yet-- any ideas?
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