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10lbs in 50 days...?

Okay girls my wedding is right around the corner. I've been dieting for about eight months now. And I'm ten pounds from my goal, but I've kind of just been at a plateau for the last few months. I really really need to lose these last ten pounds! I work out three times a week but nothing seems to be working! Any good suggestions or motivation?

Re: 10lbs in 50 days...?

  • I've heard good things about the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. 
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    I had incredible luck with the Ducan Diet.  It kinda sucks (NO carbs) but weight was falling of FI and I like crazy.  BE prepared to feel crappy for the first few days but after that you're fine and it's great because it doesn't restrict calories. 

    Fell off the wagon when we went on vacay to Jamaica in June but need to get back on to keep dropping the pounds pre-wedding.

    30 day shred is awesome cardio but it's hard to lose much weight on exercise alone, diet is a huge part.
  • Working out does nothing for me. But when I stick to Weight Watchers I can lose a pound or two a week.
  • Thanks you guys!
  • When you say you work out, do you mean just cardio or weights too? If you aren't doing weights currently, try adding them in. They speed up your metabolism and can help you lose weight, especially if you've hit a plateau. Do light weights, high repetitions. Squats are my favorite exercise and they really do get your heart rate running too. The only time I successfully lost weight, was when I did strength training and cardio.
  • I rarely do strength training! I do love doing squats though so I always throw those into my workout. But I'm typically just into cardio I jog and bike ride a lot! Thank you for the suggestion
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    I rarely do strength training! I do love doing squats though so I always throw those into my workout. But I'm typically just into cardio I jog and bike ride a lot! Thank you for the suggestion
    Lol I wish I loved doing squats, I would have the best butt.  Alas, no and no.
  • How's this for motivation....I am getting married the weekend after you and I want to lose just about 8-10lbs.  I have gone from 163 to 151 and I'd love to see 140-145 by 11/1.

    I can be your home stretch weight loss buddy!

    I am trying to work out every other day. 1 hr elliptical, light weights/high reps, and I do 10 squats whenever I'm home and the thought crosses my mind.  The squats add up for me this way.  I am really watching my alcohol and bread, and no eating after 8/9pm.  That's my plan.

  • That is my exact weight loss and goal too! I do a two mile jog in the mornings, with 50 squats. And I started the Jillian michaels 30 day shred this afternoon! Hopefully I can keep up the two workouts a day. I've been tracking my calories (1200 a day). And yes I've given up alcohol as well! Hopefully with a little work we can do it!
  • Add weights. Adding weights and strength training to any cardio plan helps blast through a plateau.
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  • I just finished level 1 of the 30 day shred for the first time this evening.  Wow. That was hard.  I only own 8lb hand weights, I need to get lighter ones!  That video was a great recommendation.
  • Yes! I really appreciated it too! Jillian micahels was a good motivator for me! I used 3lb so you out did me for sure!
  • Diet is going to get you a lot farther than working out at this point! Cardio and strength training is super important, of course, for both your health and your looks, but ultimately it's a calorie deficit that causes weight loss. Remember that, especially if you're not super heavy to begin with, a 5K run might burn less than 300 calories, which is like one cookie or a flavoured latte. Accurately counting calories is going to be way more effective to drop the weight than working out will be unless you can do it for hours per day.

    There are tons of places online where you can input your stats and figure out approximately how much you burn in a day and how much you'd have to cut to lose a pound to two pounds per week. It seems like a pain if you're not doing it already but it is definitely the most efficient short-term solution. Good luck!

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