My RSVP's are due 9.1.10 for our 9.17.10 wedding & I only have about 1/2 back.  I put a freaking stamp on it so what's the problem, why don't people mail them back?  So frustrating!!!  Are you guys calling your people to check or just going with what you got?  I know some are definitely coming yet didn't send so I probably can't assume but also hate the idea of having to call everyone...I am not a phone person & just the thought of having to do that bugs me.  LOL 
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Re: RSVP's

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    I'm having the same issue.. Only mine were due august 25th for my september 25th wedding haha.

    I need to know so I can work on my seating chart... and I guess if they dont rsvp and they show up, they'll be sitting at the table marked for DID NOT RSVP hahaha
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    Kizat, that's really early for an RSVP!

    We didn't call, but we had a really good idea of who was going to be there and who wasn't, AND we weren't doing a plated meal or seating chart.  If you're doing either of those things, you may want to call.  Can you delegate?  Have your FMIL call their friends/family who haven't RSVPd and have your mom call your family/family friends who haven't, and then you and Fi can call your friends?

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    Don't worry .. you're in good company!! I think we all dislike greatly the RSVP avoiders these days. 

    We're pretty casual so I don't have a seating chart to worry about .. but I set the RSVP date for Aug. 25 for my Sept. 18 wedding and I'm still chasing people down. I've messaged them on Facebook, sent emails and then just basically followed them to the bathroom at work to ask. Whatever works and is easiest is how I'm handling it. I've still got 11 "who knows" at this point and a few phone calls to make tonight. After that - I'm splitting the difference and just getting that many extra chairs. 

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    I'm having a small wedding so everyone counts.  It's a cruise so I have to make sure I know who is and who isn't! But I agree with DramaGeek.  Have you and your FI, mom, and MIL call the ones who didn't respond... It's the easyest way.
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    Same thing for me and I am finding people don't seem to understand the concept of rsvp-ing, which is crazy to me! I simply called or emailed those who had not responded. Yeah thats not fun, but for me I needed to know my count and didn't want to assume it was a yes or no..
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    I actually got a rsvp the DAY BEFORE the wedding...I did call just over a week before to the few people on my list (not his mom's friends that I didn't know, we asked her to call them), and they guessed why I was calling before I could say anything.  I politly explained that we needed a count for the caterer and baker and they told me over the phone.  It was really no big deal.  Oh, and we only got our invites out about a month ahead of time, so people only had like 2 weeks to get them back in teh first place. 
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