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Final song of the night

Totally struggling with this!! Don't want the typical "last dance"-types. Something totally rocking that doesn't necessarily have to do with the end of the night (or even weddings). Just something to rock out to before we leave! Thoughts? Suggestions?
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Re: Final song of the night

  • What kind of music do you and your fiance like? It's hard to make suggestions without knowing your individual tastes.
    Is there a song that you two always rock out to when it comes on the radio? Or maybe a song from a band you've seen live in concert? Or would you like something epically party-esque like "You Shook Me All Night Long" or "Livin' on a Prayer"?
  • Yes, epically party-esque!! :) Our formative years were in the 80s but where I prefer hair metal, he prefers some harder metal types. Trying to find a happy medium but I like where you're going with the Livin' on a Prayer, etc. I was thinking Don't Stop Believin'. I'll take any more suggestions that people want to throw out there.
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  • Along those lines ... almost any classic rock song could work.  

    If you aren't doing a slow song (really calms everyone down)  OR  a goodnight song "Take Me home Tonight" ... then I suggest your rock-out song be the ENCORE.

    You know - it's our last song (play whatever else, including rock, slow, Dirty Dancing ...)  And then - you all are so much fun... let's do ONE MORE

    (I like super familiar/ singalong types for these moments ...  and you know you can't go wrong with your Journey idea ^)

    Your Love
    Cherry Pie
    I Want You To Want Me
    Bang a Gong 
    I Believe in a Thing Called Love
    Rock N Roll All Night
    Walk This Way
    Don't Stop Me Now Queen   (Ok - that's kind of a don't stop song, but, I like it)

  • At the end of my first wedding we played the Sex Pistols version of the song, "My Way". 
  • I don't know how it is at your weddings, but "Don't Stop Believing" is a huge hit in the middle of dancing at my family weddings, so it is a great song but not for the last one. What about "Follow you, follow me" by Genesis. My parents used it for theirs and I think it's cute!
  • we did Say Hey, Michael Franti.    I had no idea what to pick and my husband hated anything typical that i found.   It's fun, upbeat and was a good ending.
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