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I've been asking around, trying to find a seamstress around Salem that has wedding gown experience. I really haven't found anyone and was wondering, should I just find someone in Portland? It's only an hour each way and what, 3 trips max? I need a hem, bustle, and the neck straps on the halter adjusted. I also want a corset back put in, which is what makes me nervous about using someone I have no feedback on. So should I just suck it up and pay David's Bridal prices or find someone in Portland?
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    I would avoid David's Bridal if you have any choice in the matter. Then again, if you factor in the cost of your time - the drive - the cost and hassle of having to hit Portland every time for a fitting -- maybe David's Bridal prices aren't too outrageous! I cannot honestly believe that Salem (or heck Corvallis?) doesn't have a great seamstress out there. I found "The Wedding Dress Lady" in Grants Pass - that's what everyone calls her - by word of mouth. And she works out of a upscale clothing store here. Maybe you a place like that (where the jeans cost a $100 a pair - my cheap self freaks over that!) you might have some luck!
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    If you're willing to come up to Portland, you will find no one better than Kathi Agen.  She has been raved about on this board for years!


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    Go to Kathi.  Do it.  I didn't and it's the only thing about my wedding that I regret.
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