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Wedding in Cancun

Hi Everyone,

My fiancé and I just got engaged a few weeks ago, and due to work travel I haven't had a chance to dive into wedding planning in full swing yet. We know we want to do a beach wedding in Cancun within 6 months, and would love to hear perspectives on a few things.

1. We have talked to a few resorts, but getting information from them has been so difficult. Either they take too long ot respond, or don't give us full information. We spoke to another friend who said to hire a wedding planner to take care of it all. Any recommendations of wedding planners from the US that could help us nail things down in Cancun, that also have experience with Indian weddings?

2. Is is realistic to be able to plan a destination wedding in the next 4-5 months? Our ideal time frame is February, right before all the spring break craziness starts. But so far we haven't been able to get any dates from the one or two hotels we called. We are even open to doing it as early as January, but wanted to know if planning a wedding in Mexico can be done so quickly, given how slow all the responses have been.


Re: Wedding in Cancun

  • I don't know what your budget is, but this is a write-up of a wedding my photographers did in Cancun (I got married in Cozumel). There's some great resources there. http://maharaniweddings.com/2013-04-02/2836-tropical-destination-indian-wedding-by-m-and-j-photography-cancun-mexico
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  • We are planning to do a destination wedding in Cancun. We are trying to set the date in April of 2015. I say anything is possible but you have to hurry. Most of the resorts I have contacted is getting booked fast between the months of March through May. Are you doing a Saturday ceremony? We are shooting for a Friday ceremony since those were available. I have seen plenty of resorts from their websites also do Indian weddings too.

    1.) Determine your budget. Including the wedding packages, your airfare and hotel. Are you paying for some of your guests? Is any of your parents helping?
    2.) Are you planning an all-inclusive or no?
    3.) How many guests are you planning to invite? Some of the wedding packages says you can have up to a certain amount of guests.
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  • We were engaged at the end of May and are planning a Cancun ceremony in November, so we have a similar time frame and it's been completely feasible. It was also difficult for me to get information. At the beginning choosing a resort was very overwhelming.  I ended up narrowing down to 4 resorts based on just Trip Advisor and website information then I contacted those resorts for room rate information. Some had a lot of information about wedding particulars posted online so I just needed to get room rates.  I had no problem getting the specific date we wanted but I wanted a Wednesday in November so that may have helped.  In the end, we honestly had 3 we couldn't choose between and ended up choosing the one that had the overall cheapest room rate for the base room for our guests. 
  • I would higher recommend El Dorado Maroma Resort. They are a small resort with first class service. They can assist you with planning your wedding and will provide you with a lifetime of memories.
  • Have you considered Puerto Rico?  If you're going to do a tight timetable, U.S. citizens won't have to get passports to go.  Four months is definitely long enough to get a passport, but if someone procrastinates, s/he may not be able to get to Cancun with you.

    There are also many less tourist-y places in the Caribbean than Cancun.  But maybe you want touristy.
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