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I got on the scale this morning and couldn't believe the number that I saw!!  I am getting married in exactly 243 days and need to lose at least twenty pounds (May 2015).  I have MFP and a FITBIT and am in need of some motivational partners!  I am getting back into running again and am also taking classes at my gym to switch things up.  Would love to hear your tips and make some new friends!  My MFP is spingal37 if anyone wants to add me.  I can use all of the help I can get :) 

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  • @ameerja21 you can't advertise on the boards. I'm going to delete the post.

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  • @spingal35, you have plenty of time to lose those 20 pounds!  Its all about eating right and staying healthy and being active!

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  • You have plenty of time, keep up the running and maybe start making some changes in your diet if you need to. 

    In prep for our wedding my FI and I ban alcohol during the work week and also make sure our dinners usually consist of a protein and a veggie, and no starches. We also make sure we don't have any dessert or bedtime snacks after dinner, and curb our sweet cravings/munchies with a cup of tea before bed. We also started getting into this habit of asking each other "how did you do today?" when we get home from work, so that we can re-cap with each other if we went to the gym and what we ate. It's good because during the day at work, I will purposely avoid bad decisions knowing my FI is going to ask me how I did (there was one day a while ago when he worked out and ate healthy and I skipped the gym and got a burger for lunch! that wasn't fun telling him about...). 

    Of course by the weekend that all goes out the window, but we still have a ways to go until our wedding. Just keep telling yourself that May is just around the corner, and what's 243 days of working hard for pictures that last a lifetime. Good luck! 
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