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So my wedding is on October 18th and I'm so stressed got everything big down now it's just small details.  Honestly I don't care about all the other little stuff.. i'm just happy to be walking down the isle toward my fiancee!! All the rest will fall into place.  How is everyone remaining calm in the crazy time??

Re: Stressed???

  • I'm not! hahahaha.

  • I feel so stressed!  I feel like there's a million things I'm not thinking about and I keep having dreams that everything will go wrong!!! 
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  • Wedding date is the 25th-One month away! The next two days I have some huge exams in school - so studying has been my main focus for the last few weeks. I'm so excited for the exams to be over and to be able to catch up on wedding planning again! SOOOO many things to do!! 

    It's been a crazy last few weeks - lots of coffee, little sleep :) 
  • I'm feeling the stress.  I'm a little stressed about the budget, stressed about my dress getting there on time, stressed I haven't heard much from my officiant... just little things I guess.  I know I don't have much left to do, but at the same time I feel there's a whole bunch!!

  • My wedding is in ten days and I'm a total effing basket case.
  • 18 days for m. I wrote out a checklist on whats left to do that includes things the knots checklist doesn't include. Lucikly its not too bad. 3-4 things will be checked off by Sunday. Then I'll only have about 3 things left to worry about. My nerves are starting though. We got our marriage license yesterday and I was quite nervous lol.


  • I'm 10 days out. My checklist is very small, but the weekend before the wedding (when I will have the most to do) my FI will be out for 3 days for bachelor party. I think that will be a very stressful weekend for me. 
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  • Date twins! I am so beyond stressed right now that all I can do is laugh. I look like a crazy person at work because I am tired and twitchy.
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  • @SaraBrideSoon I'm the crazy person at work right now too, but mostly because I can't focus on anything and have stupid sticky notes and note cards EVERYWHERE in my office, including stuck to my Kasey Kahne cardboard cutout. I can't remember crap.
  • @kebebb, I think I just fell in love with you a little. My assistant has been joking lately that I am single handedly keeping Post It in business and that she is going to find me burried alive in a sea of yellow someday very soon.
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  • Love it... seriously... my fiancee is being good about it with backrubs which are awesome.  I also finally met with my photographer and am now having to work on a timeline.. argh!!
  • @bekt14

    My FI already did batchlor party thankfully... Too much to do the weekend before that and it's a holdiay weekend!

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    I'm with you girls on the sticky notes. My office, purse, house, pockets are full of them!

    When FI told me he was leaving for 3 days right before the wedding.. I was pretty annoyed. Thankfully his cousins have offered to help me with anything I need to do that weekend. 
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  • @bekt14

    Ya that wouldn't have gone over well in my HH.  I do however have my Batchlorette party on the 4th of Oct

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    I have been stressed but not for the typical wedding stress.  I have been dealing with chronic back pain for over a year now, and I am more worried about how my back will be feeling on my wedding day and more importantly the honeymoon.  I don't want to be saying "I can't or don't want to do that" because I have back pain on my honeymoon.  We're going to Boston so we'll be doing some walking for sure. 

    I finally got some relief or hope for relief today.  I went to a pain specialist for the first time today and he is going to give me an injection into the area he thinks is the culprit, so I could possibly be pain free if it works...and it's going to be on 10/7 - my wedding is 10/11.  I'm really hoping this does the trick, because I've been more focused on the pain I'm in lately than focused on being excited for my wedding, and crying a lot about it.

  • @cherryblossoms21--We are living the same wedding life!!!! My bach is on the 4th, too! Now tell me, what time of day are you getting married? Too many coincidences. image

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  • Y'all will be partying as I'm walking down the aisle! 
    I'm doing a mini bach/lingerie party this saturday. Most of my friends and both sisters live across the country so they can't come, but I have a couple nearby that are throwing me a small shower. 
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  • @SarahBrideSoon

    Wedding time will be 4:30pm... thankfully not to early and i get to have brunch with mimosas :) sweet!! I'm not quite sure what were doing for the party just going to clubs.. super secret!!

  • Shower was done on the 6th of Sept ... I did get some sexy stuff for the honeymoon.. now my fiancee is saying to just bring a carry on argh... I was starting to pack and he was like we don't leave for almost a month.  I'm just excited were going to Oregon I love it there I hope it rains some. 
  • 10/11 wedding for me. I'm busy, but not stressed. I had a few really stressful days where everything NOT on TK's to-do lists sort of hit me, but I'm knocking it all out easily and have even started honeymoon packing - though all of the toiletries and half the clothes will have to wait until the day before the wedding. My venue's on-site wedding coordinator got promoted to another position (at another club) so I'm meeting with the new girl tomorrow to go over all the little details and make sure she and I are on the same page with everything. I've been emailing with her though, and I think we'll be fine. The thing really hanging over my head right now is the thank you notes I haven't done yet - we had a friends' shower a few weeks ago and I did those notes, but then the next week we had a family shower (the aunts, grandma's, no alcohol-kind) and I haven't done those. And THOSE are the people who will really be waiting for a thank you note. 
  • I just did a little every evening until I was done with Thank you's Chris got the easy job signing his name :) LOL!!


  • Today starts my 5 days at work, day and night. I need to try my best not to be freaking out about wedding stuff for the next 4 1/2 days because working the next 110 hours straight means I literally can't get anything accomplished. So why bother thinking about it!? At least that's how I'm trying to look at it. But I'm still freaking out!! I miss my FI already, and I just left the house this morning like usual. Lol. I could cry.
  • I passed stressed and hit 'IDGAF' about a week ago.  I'm still twitchy, and the stress is building again,  but it's my birthday weekend, so I'm going to hang out in my pj's with the Xbox and try to forget the impending disaster that will be my wedding.
  • Oh my gosh.. all the tiny stuff left to do is killing me.. just had my batchlorette party and that was amazing!! Now water is my firend for life :)
  • I'm now stressed due to some other expenses that have of course decided to pop up at the same time of year as paying for a damn wedding - things I can't put off, either. 

    Plus, I keep waking up at night with wedding stuff going through my head, usually after just a couple of hours of sleep I wake up and can't get back to sleep right away.

  • seriously my car insurance came up as well as car registration... boo!!
  • I'm getting married in 4 days...I just (fingers crossed) got over a cold...and over the weekend I had to replace a tire that mysteriously got slashed (this being only a few months after dipping in to the wedding fund to buy 4 new tires for my car). 

    I can't take anymore! lol
  • I'm so ready to be walking down the isle a seeing my fiancee :) I'm looking into perserving my flowers now so we will see about that when i talk to the FI tonight.
  • I was doing so well staying calm! Then, this week, I had the venue tell me they want numbers for next Monday and I spent my Monday messaging and ringing.guests who haven't replied. Most replied so at least that's sorted. Fi friend abd his gf haven't replied to the card or messages. I told fi if there was no reply by the cut off date, they aren't coming

    Then fi tells me he's been telling his side of family and friends not to come to the wedding because it only holds 15 people. Wtf did he get that idea from? It holds 75! Have sent a message to our friend the correct info and she'll let people know.

    Also, the seamstress sewed my bra to my dress but I didn't have time to try it again and thought nothing of it until I tried my dress on for my mom...you can see right down the front, even while standing up. No bra for me :(

    Plus side, fis dad is so excited about being best man, he asked to stay over at ours the night before because he didn't want to miss anything :)

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  • My wedding is in 10 days and this week is midterms week. Why did I think getting married in the middle of the semester in grad school would be a good idea? I feel like I've lost my mind. I am however checking things off my to do list! Some things are being a pain though, I ordered 15 lbs of Jordan almonds for favors, and when they came in they were terrible, I'm so upset about the money I wasted and having to come up with something else for favors. Now I'm debating making truffles, but of course that adds another huge item to my checklist.

    I'm just focusing on walking down the aisle toward my fiancé and trying to stay calm. All the details will fall into place.

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