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Re: Stressed???

  • hobby lobby for jordan almonds or you can sign up for amazon prime and get 2 day shipping on some things.  That has been my lifesaver!!
  • I used Amazon Prime for these, they were horrible. Later, upon further investigation we found that each bag had ripped along the side so they had been exposed to air for who knows how long. I already posted a scathing review, and will work on getting my money back. Usually amazon is pretty good about these things. I didn't have my heart set on Jordan almonds, they were just easy. I think I'm just going to take an extra day off of work next week and spend it making truffles. I bake when I'm stressed, so honestly it will probably be one of my more enjoyable wedding task days.

    Amazon Prime has seriously been the best thing for wedding planning, especially for getting the little and last minute stuff. Plus, this quarter, Amazon is one of the places where I get bonus higher cash back percentages for my credit card. I've been putting it all on my credit card and then immediately paying it off just for the extra savings. I'm putting it with the money we can blow on our honeymoon.

  • I love Prime.  2 day shipping got my FI's gift to me so that I could actualy give it to him on the wedding day!! Perfect!! I'm overloaded with projects that arn't done yet!! what a blessing


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