Mt.Tabor Amphitheater: Too casual?

I'm planning on using the amphitheater up on Tabor for the wedding, and the area across from it for the reception. I love it up there and it's well within my budget. But I'm slightly concerned about it being too casual. The theme is casual but I don't want it to seem like I'm going broke doing it and couldn't afford more. Any ideas onto how to make it more...fancy?
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Re: Mt.Tabor Amphitheater: Too casual?

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    I'm not as familiar with that setting, but I do have one piece of advice to pass along. A friend of mine went to a wedding in a public park and apparently, the mother of the groom had to walk over to a nearby basketball court where some guys were playing and ask them to stop for the ceremony. I'm not sure if this will apply to your location, but it's worth considering what you and your guests will be hearing and having a plan  in case something comes up.

     If you are concerned about dressing the area up a bit, you can hang garlands or crane chains from nearby tree branches, and flower arrangements (depending on the time of year, you could get the flowers from a farmer's market) always work.
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    If you are wearing a ball gown with a cathedral train, yes it is too casual.  However, it sounds like your idea isn't that grandiose.  There have been many weddings there, otherwise it wouldn't be a rental option at Parks & Rec.
    We had thought about having our ceremony on the summit, however there are family members who are not able to handle the stairs.  Plus the no chairs option just doesn't work.
    I think it would be cool to tell your kids and grandkids that you got married in a dormant volcano! Laughing
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    I was in a wedding there a couple of years ago.  You just have to "go with it"- it's a public park.  People are going to be watching your ceremony, playing on the ball courts across the way, etc.  In our situation, people were very respectful and kept the noise down, but you have to go in knowing that's a real possibility.

    As for "fancying" up the place, that's going to be tough since it's huge.  If it were me, I'd embrace that it's a park and do a cookout for my reception.  But make it an upscale cookout with gourmet versions of your typical bbq foods.  And nice tableware :)
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    mayfly excellent suggestions!

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