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Inner envelope

Most of the "how-to" guides I have found for addressing the inner envelope have said that it should be addressed to, for example, Mr and Mrs Smith.
However, I just read on Emily Post that it's fine to use familiar names for close family. (Aunt jane and uncle John)
Is this true? And how far does that extend? Is it acceptable to use first names on all inner envelopes without the Mr, Mrs, Ms, etc?

Re: Inner envelope

  • Emily is incorrect. I'd go to Crane's for addressing assistance!
  • Great thanks! It's hard to know which websites to trust. My other question (that doesn't seem to be included on that site) is when you are sending to
    unmarried couple not living together, do they still both go on the outer envelope or does the outer envelope just say Ms Cousin and then the inner say Ms cousin and boyfriends name?
  • The second- outer envelope addressed to Miss Cousin, inner envelope to Miss Cousin and Mr. Boyfriend.
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