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300 person wedding NYC- need venue ideas!

I am having about a 300 person wedding and need venues idea in the NYC area! We are a young, fun couple and are looking for something unique thats different from the typical hotel wedding. 

Re: 300 person wedding NYC- need venue ideas!

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    You might have better luck on your local board--- @wrigleyville?

  • @NYCMercedes‌? Who else is in the big apple? I'm blanking...

  • I'd look in Brooklyn, Long Island and Westchester and maybe even Northern New Jersey. Not sure how many 300 person venues there are in Manhattan. I think Prospect Hall in BK (the one with the kinda obnoxious commercial) can sit 300.
  • I am having the same problem! My list is close to 400! Many say the can accommodate up to 500 but can only seat up to 150 for dinner! Gotham Hall looks beautiful and I believe can accommodate 300. Let me know if you find anything please!
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    I recently booked with Dyker Beach Golf Course in Dyker heights, brooklyn and they can accommodate 350 with a dance floor and more without one.  It's a very beautiful venue, the food is delicious, and may be worth checking out if you are still looking! I don't know how "unique" it is, but the grounds are gorgeous and right near the verazzano bridge, which makes for some lovely outdoor pictures. And the staff is super nice.
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    Try abigail kirsch's pier 60 and Prince George's Ballroom in Manhattan or liberty warehouse in brooklyn.  Grand Prospect Hall is big but tack-tastic.
  • In NJ check out The Venetian, Nanina's In the Park or Park Savoy- (Same owners, both amazing), Addison Park (love it), The Grove, Grand Marquis, Westmout Country Club or Liberty house.

    Brooklyn El Caribe, Grand Prospect Hall or the Boat House or Russo's on the bay in Ozone Park Queens.

    Gotham Hall and Pier 60 or some place in Central Park but I cant remember the name.

  • It would depend on your budget - NYC is expensive and alternative spaces often charge rental fees (not including much at all other than tables).

    Look at

    Public Library
    Liberty Park

  • There are a few good catering halls in the bronx. Check (Eastwoodmanor, Maestros or Marina del Rey)  See if they work for you.
  • If you don't use a hotel, or go out of Manhattan, it's very difficult.  I came across this website that offers FABULOUS alternative spaces for events.  Some are reasonably priced others are expensive. But you will have a great choice on location and type of venue.  Most are state of the art.  I do not know if tables, etc are included.  

  • Greentree Country Club, VIP, Surf Club in New Rochelle 

    Eastwoodmanor , and Marina Del Rey in the Bronx
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