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  • I GOT MY FIRST RSVP BACK TODAY - and it was a yes!!! It's my son's grandparents, who joined us on our family (my mom's side of the family) vacation last year. I absolutely love these people and, other than my son, the best thing that came from that relationship.
    It gave me the warmest, fuzziest feeling when my close friend RSVP'd and said she "wouldnt miss it for the world."  Just knowing your favorite people are as excited as you for your wedding's just amazing :)
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  • We invited 200.. contracted for 175 at our venue (they made us pick a number and pay for that), and right now (8 days before final count is due) we're at like 125?  So, that's kind of awesome, except we WAY overpaid which is really unfortunate.  I asked my venue if they made any sort of concessions or would be willing to upgrade certain things... we'll see.

    Surprised at the number of declines.  I mean, some aren't surprising.. old relatives, etc.  But some are like, childhood friends of my fiance who couldn't get work off.. that sort of bugs me, but I'm trying not to be grumpy about it.
  • @jaime232, if the venue would upgrade some stuff for the money you're spending that would be awesome.  If they don't is there anyone who might want a plus one that didn't already have one? 

    Most of our declines were expected except for two- a groomsman and a couple we're friends with. The husband in that couple went to Canada for FI's bachelor party weekend and had a sitter arranged for their daughter.  In both cases they booked hotel rooms. Then wham! "Regretfully declines" is checked on the response card. FI called to make sure this wasn't a joke. Nope, he lost money at the casino and now they can't afford the granite counter tops he promised his wife AND to come to our wedding.  I'm trying not to be grumpy as well but declines in some cases really do suck.
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  • Oh wow!!  That's horrible.  

    I have a long-lost sister (she was adopted out, we got in touch with each other 5-6 years ago, been trying to meet up, haven't managed to) who just told me my wedding is too close to Christmas, she travels too much for work, and they're busy paying for their own wedding (they are already married--fake wedding in April).  I'm like uhhhh.  The Christmas excuse is a new one.  Meanwhile, I have ANOTHER sister who was adopted who has like never missed a chance for a family get-together (after meeting initially like 5 years ago).  So, I don't know.  We're not high on the first sister's priority list, which is fine.  Anyway, that was more than I meant to say about THAT situation.

    I emailed the venue to ask about upgrades.. we'll see.  Otherwise I'll just be like, everyone!  Bring a guest!  LOL
  • I received the first one a week after sending them. I was getting like 1 or 2 every other day. The most I received was 5. The deadline was on a Friday and I waited until the following week. I had to remind people. Most of them forgot to mail back so I was getting more rsvp a week after deadline.
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    It irritates me when people ask if they can bring someone, especially to a wedding that usually costs more than just a backyard drinking party, but I think this is the exception...'cause I can't help but laugh.

    So my uncle received my invite and sent my dad an email asking if I could invite a specific person, who lives in the city we're getting married. His wife won't let him talk to this guy anymore and he thinks this would be the perfect opportunity for them to see each other and catch up...and wife really couldn't do anything about it. I told FI and he laughed too. Ya' know, I'm actually considering it 'cause I think it'd be funny.


    Edited: I just got my first decline via email to my mom (in response to the email she sent yesterday). My grandma isn't in the best of health right now and with our wedding being at Thanksgiving, a buy fly time, she has decided to decline. :(


  • And it gets better.
    So my biological grandpa (that I met for the first time a few years ago) probably wouldn't make the travel across the country but I wanted to send him an invite to let him know I care. My dad has his address and hasn't bothered giving it to me (or email even). He's going to visit him the weekend before our wedding and will use it as an "excuse" as why it's JUST a weekend. They go visit him all the time so I don't get why I can't have his address.
    THEN I found out that my mom had my dad send my aunt an invite via text message. I don't really have anything against her but I didn't ask about contacting her because I wasn't going to invite her. This text invite just might make my guest list grow by 20 people if she and her family plus the rest of my other cousins (of the aunt I did invite) and their families all decide to make a family reunion out of my holiday wedding.
    The more the merrier...but my mom can pay for those extras if it puts me over what I've budget for!

    FI doesn't think it's a big deal, and it really isn't - at least it's family...but he and I are paying for the wedding (she's pitched in - when it came to paying for supplies she swiped her card). She's viewing it like my sister's backyard wedding where it didn't matter how many people came (especially when BIL's mom sent out the memo to her side of the family to bring food...which was NOT their plan).
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