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DIY Help Needed - Martini Glass Centerpiece

Hi All, 

I'm trying to figure out a centerpieces for my Great Gatsby wedding. I want to use a 24" oversized Martini Glass and connect 2 smaller ones to it. However the only option I'm comfortable with is using wire that is used in flowers, etc., to attach the smaller ones to the larger one, but it looks sloppy to me. I've also tried to cover the wire by wrapping the entire stem of the large martini glass with pearls, but it looked too clunky. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to attach 2 smaller martini glasses to the stem of a large martini glass? I would prefer not to use glue because I'm afraid it's not secure enough. 

Attached is what i looks like to right now. 

Thanks everyone!! :0)

Re: DIY Help Needed - Martini Glass Centerpiece


    Perhaps you could contact some of these sites and ask what they have done?  Have you tried fishing wire?  Then if you drape simple greens over the stem of the glass, it won't be as noticeable.
  • The first link that MobKaz posted used thick metallic green colored wire to attach the small martini glasses to the large ones.  So I think you need to get a thicker gauge wire (CLICK) and just play around with it a bit (think of it more as a decorative element as well as construction material).

    Also you may need to glue the glass to the stem of the large glass as well to help keep it in place (CLICK).

  • i know you said you didn't want to use glue, however I would recommend glue. Use E6000. Easily found at your local craft store. It dries clear and is very forgiving. It dries in 30 minutes and after 24 hours it is set. The glue is cheap enough - try it with one, and after you've let it completely dry, is if you're comfortable with the outcome. I once worked in a company assembling high end accessories, we used E6000 exclusively on our glasses, and we rarely had returns.
  • I would not use glue alone, but would use hot glue supporting by fishing line.  Then, you could conceal all of it with a wrap of wired ribbon.  If not, and I totally get the waterfall effect you are going for, try to change the idea a bit by having the large glass in the center and the two smaller on each side.  Or, you could go for height instead of width by putting hot glue on the rim of the base of the smaller glass and setting it inside the cup of the larger glass.  
  • you guys are awesome. 

    Actually that link you used is THE EXACT centerpiece I'm trying to duplicate. yes it used wire and when I wrapped it looked horrible! :( I did use a higher gauge wire too. 

    If I rent the glasses, i really can't use glue. However it's looking like that may be my only choice and then to add some more security fish wire may end up being the strongest and the least obvious. 

    I'm going to get some cloth wrapped wire first and see if that will work. I'll do a few more trials and let you all know what I come up with! 

    Thank you so much for your help! This is fun and stressful all at the same time! haha
  • Check Goodwill/ thrift stores and Dollar Store before you rent.  Or better yet... yard/ estate sales usually have glasses for a dime or a quarter... if you can't use the glue @bridesontherun mentioned (which I will be checking out for other projects - love crafts thanks to my wedding and helping others) then I would second the hot glue with wire supplementing approach.  The hot glue will hold it at the angle you want and the wire will keep it from falling apart. I used hot glue on our wine bottles to hold the battery box for the lighting and hid it behind a table number... it worked but I some came loose and I had to push them back on.  That was fine for the plastic box but would have been awful on glass. 
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  • I would suggest trying to use a combination of ribbon, small wire, and hot glue (since you can remove hot glue unlike the other glues). Have you tried fishing line? You might want to go to a sporting goods store and ask for their strongest fishing line and see what you can do with that. Since fishing line is translucent it wouldn't show up as much as a higher gauge wire would.

    If you can get it pretty much secure with the fishing line, then you could use some wire to stabilize it too. I honestly  think your best bet is going to be a combination of a lot of stuff. 
  • Suggestion for the wire, based on what you've already tried: could you get some translucent plastic beads (clear or in your color(s)) and string at different points along the wire as you're wrapping? The wire would be visible, but then it might look prettier / more artsy. 

    I'll second fishing line also. You can actually buy a nylon cord for beading at most craft stores that is very similar -- perhaps not as sturdy, but still pretty strong, holds well, and is clear. Just put a dab of Elmer's or clear nail polish on the knots when you tie it, to keep them from slipping. 
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