October 2014 Weddings


I won't bore you all with every move we made, but our wedding was so amazing. I was a little nervous about how the reception was going to go, as we were apparently blowing fuses at the museum with the roasters all plugged in. But obviously the powers that be knew that we needed a great day, and it all worked out. I'm a high stress person, and amazingly, I wasn't nervous or anything about the actual ceremony. I was getting antsy being stuck in my area of the church until the photographer was ready for the first look, but I'm SO glad that we did it that way. The pictures of H when he first saw me coming up the stairs...I love them. So perfect. Our photographer was amazing. Someone with less of a sense of humor wouldn't have been able to roll with us. We have my grandpa walking into the church with a shotgun, my dad giving H the evil eye while holding a gun, our "wedding party meeting" (aka shots in the street), all sorts of silliness that is US. I can't wait to get the professional shots back. My little girls did great as the flower girl and ring bearer. I wasn't sure about the littlest, she fell asleep right before the ceremony, but we got her perked up in time. The reception was a hit. Every single person who was there told us how much fun they had. The photo booth was the best thing we ever could have done. We had the old couples from church in there with us, and even got my grandpa to dress up. So much fun. So many memories.
And now for a few crappy cell phone pictures :)


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