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Bride and Father in Law dance???

I lost my father in 2005, in his absence my father in law is willing to dance with me, but I have NO IDEA what song to pick. We arn't super close and it can't be something to long he has arthritis. Any suggestions fellow brides?

Re: Bride and Father in Law dance???

  • ask him what songs he likes.  Some non-sentimental favorites of mine are:
    "My Wish" from Rascal Flats
    "Isn't She Lovely" Stevie Wonder
    "What a Wonderful World" Louie Armstrong
    "Stand By Me" Ben King
    "Smile" Uncle Kracker

    so many options.  Narrow it down by what music you like.  Definitely get his opinion or give him some options and let him pick. 

  • Hey, the DJ we spoke to which i will probably use for my wedding offered a great thing. They recommended a FULL first dance for me and my fiancee and then HALF dances for father-daughter dance. The DJ recommended to fade out the song or invite the guests to join in. My dad is coming to the wedding but i will also dance with my step dad since ive been living with him for 15+ years! 

    Hope this helps! 
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  • Thank you, This has been very helpful! Congrats on your wedding soon!
  • OP: why do you feel the need to have a spotlight dance with your FFIL?  If you're not that close, I don't see why you need to have that special moment with him.  I'm so sorry that your dad is no longer with you, and I am not in that situation, but if I were I wouldn't be looking for someone to take his place.  I care a lot about my FFIL, but a spotlight dance with him would be weird to me.  I'm sure I will have a dance with him at some point in the reception.  A father-daughter dance is not a requirement.
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  • Besides the First Dance, everything after that is optional. If she wants her father-in-law to take the place of her deceased father, that's fine. I think the DJ's option was the best.

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