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Father/ Daughter Dance Songs

My dad is a HUGE Credence Clearwater Revival fan and I am trying to find a song of theirs- or something around that genre.


# 1- No to Butterfly Kisses, Just Fishin, My Wish or My Girl ( I just went to a wedding and the father/daughter had that be their song)





Re: Father/ Daughter Dance Songs

  • Just pick a CCR song that you and your dad both love. My dad loves the Dropkick Murphys so we're dancing to "Forever" even though it is a love song. You don't have to pick a song that is super specific "father-daughter" lyrics (ie. Butterfly Kisses) for it to be special for you and your dad.
  • My father and I are dancing to  Krystal Keith Daddy dance with me.  Its a country song but its really pretty. I let my dad hear it and he already started tearing up and said he really liked it a lot.

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  • I agree with @ethelbeavers to just pick a CCR song that your dad loves ... and you at least like :-)
    Your dad will love that you KNOW him.  It really can be anything, and if you have a DJ/MC ... and you feel the need to clarify it, go for it "Here's a special song that reminds  __bride__  of lots of fun times with her dad ... and his love of CCR!"  Seriously - any song.  Not too many CCR songs are traditional slow songs, but that CCR mid-tempo beat should work fine.  (Here is one about Daddy, btw)

    Another rock group that was popular at the same time was Rolling Stones, and they also are short on the appropriate ballads ... but, She's a Rainbow might do it.  Have a listen

  • Thank you guys so much!!!
  • My dad is a huge classic rock fan and I thought he was going to want something from Moody Blues or some band from around that time.  I decided to let him pick the song and he chose "The Way You Look Tonight" by Harry Connick Jr.  Totally didn't see that coming! Try to include him in picking a song- he might have other ideas!
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