Looking for a small church/chapel in Michigan.

My fiancé and I are looking for a church/chapel for our wedding ceremony.  We are both Lutheran but my church is probably too large and his church doesn’t have the look I want.  So we want to find a smaller church building for the ceremony, but I do NOT want it to have a ‘Vegas-wedding-chapel’-look/feel.  We are in Michigan and are looking anywhere from Ann Arbor to Auburn Hills area.  We found a few and narrowed it down to these three:  Oak Arbor Church and Banquet Facility in Rochester, Crystal Gardens Banquet Center in Howell, and Greenfield Village / Henry Ford (has Mary Martha Chapel) in Dearborn.  Has anyone attended a wedding at one of these chapels?  Do you know of any other small churches/chapels?  Thanks!

Re: Looking for a small church/chapel in Michigan.

  • I've been to a wedding at Greenfield Village, which I believe was in that chapel you listed. It was really nice. Great location too. The reception was also at greenfield village, which helped. 

    I'd recommend calling them if you haven't already. I found venues booked way further in advance than I expected, so if you have a specific date/month in mind, your options may be much more restricted. 
  • I have not been to any of those, but we had our wedding ceremony at Greenmead Village in Livonia. The village is at the intersection of 8 Mile Rd and Newburgh Rd, just east of I-275.  They have a small chapel that holds up to 100 people (not sure how large your wedding is), and the grounds are historic and lovely. They have gardens and old homes in the village that were perfect backdrops for our pictures. We got married there in August 2011, and my son is getting married next year. We went back recently so he could take pictures for his fiance (they live in DC), they are still looking for their venue, and the grounds are still lovely. It's a Livonia City Park, and I recall the rental for the chapel was roughly $300 for Livonia residents, and a bit more for non-residents. You can drive by and see it anytime from dawn to dusk as the park doesn't close. The chapel is right off the entrance from Newburgh Road. 

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