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So glad it's over!

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So I don't post on here very often but over the wedding planning process I used TK wedding boards for some advice. Just thought I would do a quick wedding recap and share a few pictures! :) 
First off, I am SO glad all of the crazy wedding planning madness is over. I planned the whole wedding by myself with no planner or family help. My husband and I got married almost a month ago (Sept 20) and married life is awesome. I love hearing him introduce me as his wife. 

Of course we had a few 'situations' on the wedding day but honestly I just didn't give a shit. The only thing that REALLY aggravated me and brought out my inner bridezilla was the DJ. We hired our DJ 7 months out from the wedding. He was referred to us and his reviews were really good. He was also very familiar with our venue so that was a huge plus. We met with him a few times before the wedding and he seemed like a perfect fit for my husband and I. Fast forward to the week before our wedding. We meet him at our venue to go over last minute music things. We had a few questions because 1) my H and I aren't big music people and 2) my H and I haven't been to very many weddings. He refers us to his list of over 1,000 songs. He was VERY pushy when it came to tipping. He ask us what favors we would be having (didn't do favors) so he could make sure he picked one up for him and his wife.... He wouldn't let us pay him until after the wedding so we had to make sure that my MIL paid him after the wedding at the venue, pain in the ass. I told him I wanted classical/ jazz music played during the dinner. He did play classical/ jazz music BUT during the dinner I heard the music stop playing and commercials started playing... He didn't even make a playlist like he said he would he freaking used an online music streaming website. I only had 65 guests and it was a pretty small dinner area so I had multiple people bring it up that they heard it and that I was one calm bride for not going off on him right then. I just continued to enjoy my dinner and tried not to let it get to me. Also, during dinner he interrupted my husband and I while we were visiting with family/ friends to ask us if a certain song was the one we wanted for our first dance (this was on his paperwork). The reception starts and everything was going well...until he started playing 60's music. I mean not just one or two songs but a solid 25 minutes of this type of music. I went up to my BIL and best friend and ask them to please handle it because NO ONE was dancing (which was one of my huge fears). My BIL went up to the DJ booth and ask him to play the playlist off of his cell phone. Literally after that all that was played was my BIL's music...nothing the DJ had. At one point he even ask my BIL to come up there and play the songs for him while he took a smoke break. By that time he had already had A LOT of smoke breaks. I was so disappointed in the DJ. Oh and come to find out the next day my H tells me the DJ lost our paperwork with all of our songs on it. He actually had to come up to my H 30 minutes before the wedding and ask him to make a list of the songs again.

Anyways, here are a few pictures from the wedding!!! 

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