Wine tasting in Portland?

Every year for our anniversary we go wine tasting someplace new and buy a bottle of wine to be drunk on the next anniversary.  Somehow this year has flown by and #7 is one week away!  We've got the bottle from last year ready to go but we need a new place to go this year.

In the past we've done the Dundee Pinot Station, Urban Wineworks (although they aren't around anymore), Oswego, Maragas (in Bend), a place in Lincoln City, and obviously a couple other places I'm not thinking of right now!

Any recs for this year?  We're staying local, going to a show at Portland Center Stage and then dinner at The Melting Pot, so someplace downtown would be perfect.  I am out of ideas and H leaves this part up to me since he handles the cheese and crackers to go with the wine while we watch the wedding video.  We're such saps!

Re: Wine tasting in Portland?

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