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Does anyone have any recommendations of florists or grocery stores to get floral centerpieces (and how much they cost!) - I've contacted a few florists but the prices seem outrageous.


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    Flowers were my splurg item. We booked Pink Twig and were thrilled with the results. We spent about $2000.00, and avoided the delivery charge by picking them up ourselves. My Bouquet was $175, 3 bridesmaid bouquets were $195, 6 boutonnieres $90, 3 parent boutonnieres and 2 parent coursages $105, reception flowers $450, ceremoney flowers $400, taxes $262. What vendor have you contacted for quotes?

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  • Yeah I need all that plus centerpieces for 25-30 tables! I'm getting quotes of 5-8k. It's frustrating because I worked it out and I could do it myself for $1200 max, but clearly I won't be able to be putting together centerpieces the night before my wedding.

    I'll have to come up with another option. I'm looking into real touch flowers now!
  • Yeah, the centerpieces are probably bumping up the cost. My arrangements were $55/table, and I only had 8 tables.

    Have you looked into grocery stores? I know some Loblaws also have florists who put arrangements together. It may be cheaper than other vendors. Just a thought. Also, the type of flowers you choose will make a big differences (e.g., gerbra daisies are cheaper than cala lillies) and choosing flowers that are in bloom for the season will help too.

    Good luck!
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