Five Pines Barn and The Country Place- HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE

I would like to let any bride know of my experience with Five Pines Barn and The Country Place (both located in Irwin, PA). Please do yourself  a favor take my advice...keep looking for other locations. There are many other gorgeous barn venues with pleasant people to work with.

My fiancé and I were looking for a barn wedding venue and came across this location. We scheduled an appointment a month is advance for a visit to “Five Pines Barn” and  “The Country Place “(their other location.) We wanted to see the locations and discuss all needed information.


The email address is for Steve Guffey, but his wife Michelle responds.  Luckily I had saved every email, including the email confirming the appointment the week of. We had gotten lost on the way and called Steve Guffey fives minutes after our scheduled time to let him know that we would be there in a few minutes. He missed our call, returning it five minutes later.  He very rude right off the bat stating that he and his wife had already left for their child's tournament. I was speechless! I reminded him of our appointment and pointed out that we were only a few minutes late and he already left! I asked why he wouldn’t even call to let us know but he didn’t answer my question. I was so taken back and upset because we were looking forward to this visit for a while. I explained that we wanted to see the sites and go over what is and is not included. He told me that we could walk around the sites and very abruptly told me “it's $4000 for the barn and $6000 for the Country Place and that all other information was located on his website” (which it was not) and that the bride from the evening before should still be there cleaning up- that I could talk to her. He discounted my being upset- like he was shocked. He continually spoke over me and acted like he was waiting all day. I attempted to ask why he would schedule an appointment if he knew he had to leave for his child.  Clearly a tournament is nothing something that just pops up. He told me it was "none of my g*ddamn business " and stated "you seem pissed off, if you don't like it, when I'm trying to accommodate you being late, then turn around and go home" He then hung up on me.


We did stop and look…the grounds keeping was heinous- weeds growing around the steps and poorly kept. There was burlap draped over the stalls in the barn, hiding a mess of hoarded clutter. The upstairs of the barn has old stained carpeting (from spilled food and drinks I assume) and also poorly maintained. This was surprising since it was supposed to be a newer barn and there was a wedding there the night before.  His house is located to the right of the barn, with pool rafts, and items littered across his driveway.


If you are looking to have a barn wedding, LOOK ELSEWHERE. After this happened I have heard nothing good from anyone that has dealt Steve Guffey, his brother or his wife. Also I encourage you to do your research for both locations- there are numerous articles dealing with issues of proper permits.



Re: Five Pines Barn and The Country Place- HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE

  • I went to look there too...I didn't have such a horrible experience as you described, but I was definitely not impressed with the property based on the price.

    I booked with The White Barn in Prospect and Jan has been AMAZING and helpful and sweet.
  • I attended a wedding at Five Pines Barn and can attest to what you said … there is weird clutter everywhere and the place is a muddy mess. The wedding was in October and it was freezing. People ate and left because it was so uncomfortable.
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