Downtown Club good for 200 guests?

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I visited the Downtown Club (600 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA) this weekend and really loved everything about it. Truly, if we had a shorter guest list, it would be my first choice. 

My main concern is the size of the ballroom. Our guest count is at 200. The Cescaphe Group says the capacity of the room for seated dinner & dancing is 220, and while I don't expect our guest list to grow, I still worry that the ballroom will be too tight for 200 people. I'm wondering if anyone has had their wedding (or been to a wedding) of about 200 guests at the Downtown Club, and if you felt ballroom space was adequate. I want to be sure there's enough space to dance and also enough room for people to navigate between tables. Additionally, we're still not decided on music but might lean toward DJ if we go with the DTC to save on space. 

Thanks for your help!

Re: Downtown Club good for 200 guests?

  • I love that venue as well. Our friends got married there this last spring with a guest count of about 175. There wasn't a ton of room for dancing and the bar was set up in the cocktail hour room so people were constantly leaving the ballroom to get drinks. Just something to think about if you have a lot of wedding guests that will be drinking. Otherwise, it was a beautiful wedding and great location.
  • I went to a wedding there this year with 220 guests and thought it was fine. Didn't seem too tight in my opinion. 

    However, just to add to kmcamb602's comment - the bar in the cocktail hour room was the only downside in my opinion. Many guests would hang there instead of in the reception area, but that may be a good thing if you are worried about space.
  • Did you look into the Vie (also a Cescaphe venue)? We're getting married there in September and our guest list will be between 175-200 and from most people, I have heard we are on the smaller side for that venue. It's a larger space and you still get all of the benefits of being a Cescaphe Bride!
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