February 2015 Weddings

Thoughts on assigned table seating

Hello February brides!

Fiance and I are thinking of having assigned table seating, but don't know how crazy that would get with a guest count of 200 ppl; yikes! 

What is your input in using assigned table seating vs. open table seating?

Thank you in advance!

Re: Thoughts on assigned table seating

  • Im doing assigned seating myself I think i like it because its easier then having guests sit where ever also you dont have to worry about finding a seat or who you will sit with

  • No, we aren't doing assigned seating. That just feels too overwhelming with me and I personally want people to be able to mingle/sit with whoever :) I think both ideas work great, depending on the wedding size and guests.
  • I want to do assigned seating only because I think its easier. It allows for me to put people where I think they can have fun and separate people that shouldn't be next to each other. 
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