Jack & Jill (Buck & Doe) in Toronto... But WHERE???

Hi all,

We are looking to have our Jack & Jill in downtown Toronto, but I am having trouble trying to find an affordable venue (ie. very little charge) that also allows outside alcohol and food to come in.  

Any ideas???


Re: Jack & Jill (Buck & Doe) in Toronto... But WHERE???

  • I don't think you will find anything! How many people are you having? I would recommend getting a wedding planner. Most people in Toronto don't do Jack & Jill/Buck & Doe parties. 

    Another option is to see if you could do a restaurant buy-out. Again it depends how many people! You might have better luck with the halls in Vaughan/North York.
  • I'm not sure about Toronto legions but I know the ones outside the city allow for you to bring your own supplies.
  • Thanks you two!
    I will be looking into legions - I do know there are event spaces in the city - just depends on rental fees.
  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
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    I really recommend that you reconsider having a Jack and Jill/Buck and Doe. Check out the other thread about this topic from today; parties like this are often considered rude.



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  • alpacalunchalpacalunch Toronto member
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    Yeah, these are rarely done in Toronto proper, I've only heard of them in other areas. And yeah, please rethink this plan. Like PP said, read the other thread. 

    I personally hate fundraising parties for people to have parties.
  • I am pretty sure most community centers city pools will rent the hall. You have to apply for permit but it's handled threw them cause community centers are city ran
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