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Multiple Photographers? (Wynn/Maggiano's reception)

Good afternoon, my partner and I are planning to get married at the Wynn next year, with a reception at Maggiano's to follow.  I am wondering what the easiest plan of action would be in terms of photography.  Understanding we have to use the Wynn photographers for the ceremony, should we get a second photographer for the reception?  Or, should we do one of the longer add ons with the Wynn photographers and have them follow us off-site to the ceremony?  Not knowing the price list for prints/files from the Wynn photographers makes me a bit nervous.  Just looking for suggestions for those who have been married in a chapel/hotel which made you use the in-house photographer for the ceremony proper.  Also, is tradition to have the photographer capture the entire reception or just part of it?  I will only have about 25-30 guests, so I am concerned that the guests may get flashbulb overload if the photographer is there for the whole 4 hour reception.  Thanks for any advice!!

Re: Multiple Photographers? (Wynn/Maggiano's reception)

  • Hopefully I will find time in the next week to write a proper review thread but we recently were married at the Primrose at the Wynn. We had the similar dilemma, 70 or so guests, full day of events planned including a fun reception at Carmine's. We just stressed what style of photography was important to us, that obtaining the full digital rights was a requirement, as well as reviewing the specific portfolios of the available photographers and choosing based on that & phone calls. We were given a very competitive quote for the additional 7 hours (+ we had the 1 hour was included in our package) + a dvd with the full resolution pictures. We met with our photographer on-site prior to our big day, she was fantastic & we were given the photo dvd + 5x7s of all of our pictures (750 or so) within 36 hours of the receptions conclusion. They might have even been able to turn them around sooner. We are now using them to build some really incredible photobooks on Shutterfly as well as sending some as a part of our thank-you notes. 
  • So was that the Wynn photographer that you decided to go with the whole time?
  • Correct, I believe the Wynn used to be more open with allowing outside photographers but that has changed and our coordinator (Becky who was fantastic) instead first requested that we give the Wynn/Cashman photographers a chance to demonstrate that they could provide the right match from a style perspective as well as a fair/competitive price quote that included the digital dvd of all shots in full resolution. We were given example portfolios of specific photographers, then allowed to meet with our top choices, and confirmed that our specific photographer would be with us for all 8 hours. There are some great external photographer options, but we don't have any regrets with our decision.

    That being said, it might not be the end of the world if you do have a different photographer for the ceremony vs. everything else. I think as long as you ensure you have the full resolution photos for all of it you could find a way to blend them nicely.
  • I think the most common trend on the board is to get a 2nd photographer as there are mixed reviews on Cashmans. 
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  • We were married at the Wynn.  We used their photographer for the ceremony (as required), plus hired their photographer for an additional hour to take pictures at the Wynn (they will not let outside photographers take photos on site).  However, we did book an outside photographer for the rest of the day.  It worked out fine this way.
  • Thanks all for the feedback!  
  • I am currently struggling with the same decision myself.  I am planning on also getting married at the Wynn and having my reception at Maggiano's in November 2015.  We were thinking of hiring the Wynn's photographers for an extra hour so we can have photos on the grounds and then hiring a different photographer for the rest of the day (possibly doing a photo tour prior to the ceremony). azwildcat would you be able to give me an estimate on how much it cost for you to get the digital rights to your photos from the Wynn photographers with the extra hour on top of the ceremony? Thanks :)
  • We've a wedding at the Wynn next year and I'm interested in an estimate from Cashman for the digital rights, having seen ridiculous prices quoted. In this day and age the most important aspect of your wedding photography has to be having the digital rights All good wedding photographers in the UK now automatically include a fully 'usable' CD of all your photos. There's no point having fabulous photos if you can't do what you want with them
  • @jdaigle44 -  The digital rights are pretty expensive.  For the ceremony pics plus the extra hour of photos, I believe it was $1200 or $1300.  I really would have liked to have the digital photos/rights, but for the number of photos that were included on the CD (that we liked and wanted), it just wasn't worth the cost to us.  We ordered prints of the photos that we wanted. 

  • I agree with @amyp1021‌ Wynn were very competitive on pricing and we have booked their photographer for the whole day, plus offsite visits, and complete digital rights to the photos and video! Have a chat to them and they can surely help you out. I bugged Darlene fro the salons SO much about photography pricing and style! and she was so lovely and got us a good price. Wedding is in April, so hopefully it all works out :)
  • If you don't mind me asking how much are they charging for the digital rights and does this include all the photos they take. It is really important to us that we have the digital rights  Thanks 
  • I'm getting married at Wynn October 2015 and we are using our own photographer – we managed to negotiate a $750 “photography waiver” on top of our ceremony fee (we just paid for the most basic package – Allure I think).

    I know this isn’t in everyones budget but photography was just the most important thing to me and I already had a girl in mind I wanted to use to for us it’s worth it! That way I get the photographer I want and full digital rights. We’re having our meal in Wynn too after the ceremony so a second photographer wasn’t an option.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


  • I got a call from the photographers at the Wynn this week and they told me that typically with 1 hour of photography with one photographer the digital rights can cost anywhere from $900-1500.
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