Willamette Valley Vineyard wedding

I am recently engaged and would love to have my wedding at a winery in the Willamette Valley.  I love Youngberg Hill but I've been told it's very expensive.  Does anyone have any less expensive recommendations?  I would also appreciate any cost estimates and what is all included in the price.  Thanks! 

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    Friends got married at Wine Country Farms 5 years ago,  I don't know the cost, but I know her family and I'm sure the price was reasonable.
  • There are a whole ton of wineries here in the WV and some have set up specifically to start drawing in the wedding business.

    Here is a website that looks pretty informative with a map showing locations of wineries and a links page to all of them. Not everyone grows their own grapes so a fair amount of these just might be processing facilities. Happy hunting!

    Willamette Valley Wineries

    As for the specifically names Willamette Valley Vineyards, it is a very lovely place.
  • We were married at BeckenRidge Vineyards in Dallas http://www.beckenridge.com/index.html

    Don't remember the cost at all, but quite a bit less than a lot of the vineyards in the area.

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