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Fall decorations in August?? How soon is too soon.

My fiancé and I got engaged on August 28th of this year. We we're having a hard time finding a venue that still had dates available for fall of 2015, so we were planning on September of 2016. We just found out that the barn next door to my parent's fruit farm has an opening for August 29, 2015. We were set on a September wedding because we have fall decor in mind and it is our favorite season. Do you think August 29 is too early for fall decorations? September 2016 sounded nice because it would give us time to settle into our lives and find a house because we are both recent graduates. But now we are thinking of August 2015 - only 10 months away! 

Re: Fall decorations in August?? How soon is too soon.

  • I might side eye it for a minute since Labor Day wouldn't have even happened yet, but if it what you really want you certainly aren't hurting anybody.
  • climbingsingleclimbingsingle NYC 'burbs member
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    Hmm. Where is the wedding taking place? If it's somewhere warm or in the south where it doesn't really get cold until much later, I might think it was a little odd. 
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    Yes, I would think fall decor at an August wedding would be odd.  Generally I don't put out fall decor in my home until October 1st so even a fall themed wedding in September would feel odd to me.

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    If it were me, I think I would just wait until Sept 2016. It's obviously totally up to you, but having a 2 year engagement is awesome. I have been engaged for a year already and still have one year to go before my Oct 2015 wedding. Planning has been fun, and easy! All of my preferred vendors were available when I booked them a while back, and it's been nice to have the time to save money. It's not for everyone though, but I am definitely enjoying it.

    It has gone by super quick, too.
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  • Consider modifying the fall theme?  Use oranges and earthy tone flowers and accents, but not overboard (no pumpkin explosion, colored leaves everywhere, etc.)  
  • Yeah, I would think it was strange. You could do golden yellows and deep greens for late summer, but I'd stay away from the burnt orange and rust colors. 

    That said though, you shouldn't choose your wedding date based on the colors you can use. Will you be ready to get married in 10 months?



  • I wouldn't think twice about fall COLORS (reds, oranges, browns, plums) but it would kind of strange if your DECORATIONS were things like leaves and pumpkins etc.  
  • Ya, I think at that time of year people are not wanting to let go of summer yet, so fall decor might stick out a bit. Either change your colors or just wait until you can do it in late September/October. 
  • wrigleyvillewrigleyville Chicago member
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    I live in Chicago, and it's still summer-like in mid-September. I'd think it weird to see fall decorations before the last weekend of September, when the nights are just starting to get cold and only a few trees have started to change.

    You could certainly use fall colors, but I'd skip the leaves and pumpkins.

    Personally, if a fall wedding is that important to you, I'd wait until September or October 2016. We had a two-year engagement, and it was so nice having all of that time to save money and plan. I honestly think that if you had a fall-themed wedding in late August, you'd feel like you were compromising.
  • It depends on your area, but here, it's still very much summer (like sunny and 80 degrees) until mid-September. A fall theme would be odd.
  • Unless you're in a hurry to get married, I'd wait until September 2016.  Don't underestimate how nice it is to feel settled in after changes like graduating, etc.  A wedding can create a lot of drama and stress, and while it is totally doable to throw a wedding in 10 months, all that extra time will give you breathing space and an opportunity to save money.  Plus, chances are that the vendors you really want will be available for your 2016 date, but maybe not in 2015, since you're only 10 months out from your other date.
  • beetherybeethery So sayeth the fuckin' Pope. member
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    I think it would be cool to use fruit as decor instead of inherently "fall" things. Lots of pears and apples with maybe some oranges and lemons mixed in. You'd still get a nice natural color scheme and it would work great for the fruit farm barn locale.
    That said, I'd totally wait until 2016. You'll have more time to plan, save, and take care of other goals in the mean time.

    I'm the fuck out.

  • I agree that fall themed decor might seem odd for August (even late August). Fall colors would be fine and there are a lot of gorgeous late summer flowers that would fit right in with fall colors. Sunflowers were the first thing that came to my mind and I think they are totally appropriate for late August. 
  • Thanks everyone for the input! We have decided on 8.29.15! Colors are going to be blush and navy with pops of rose gold, copper, and gold (to incorporate the feel of upper peninsula of Michigan that we both love). Totally changed the theme completely and I couldn't be more excited! We are getting married at a barn venue in West Michigan. We have decided on a "rustic glam" theme :)
  • wrigleyvillewrigleyville Chicago member
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    Good call. I used to live in SW Michigan, and it was still hot and humid at the end of August.

    Your colors sound gorgeous.
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