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How to handle this?

I am getting married June 13th in a small ceremony in Phoenix. Those invited to that will receive a standard invite. 

Over the weekend of June 26th, my parents are having an "open house"/reception for us in Ohio for those not invited to the Phoenix ceremony. 

We can't really send out a wedding announcement/invitation to the open house because of the short time frame between the two. I thought about sending the regular invitation out to the Ohio guest list but instead of the RSVP card and everything there would be another slip in there inviting them to the Ohio events (its fairly informal/no rsvp needed). I'm just worried that people may still feel like they are invited to Phoenix? My venue is 50 max and I'm at about 47 so obviously not room for any more. 

The other idea is just to send a totally separate invitation saying nothing about the Phoenix ceremony (most everyone knows the actual wedding is there anyways). 

Any suggestions?

Re: How to handle this?

  • Totally separate invitation. It's a different event, so it needs it's own invitation. Never send a wedding invitation to someone who you do not intend to host.
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    Since your parents are hosting the event, they should send the invitation, not you.  This is not part of your wedding.  This is a party your parents are giving in your honor.
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  • That makes sense. We'll make a whole separate invite for it. Thanks!
  • Send a separate invitation for the Ohio event.  

    You should absolutely not include anything about the wedding in that.  You don't have to invite everyone to your wedding (obviously) but you certainly don't talk about it to people who you aren't going to invite. 
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