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Hi all!

I'm getting married on the South Shore of Massachusetts next October, and I'm having an incredibly difficult time finding an affordable caterer. I've thought of just buying catered food from Roche Bros and having a serving company plate and serve it, but that means I'd also need to find a company from which to rent our tables, linens, and chairs, and doing all those things a la carte means the dollars keep piling up.

I'm sure many people have posted similar questions, and I am aware of the "Vendor Finder" tool on this site, however, none of the companies I've contacted can do it for my budget of $35.00 per person (90 people total). Just figured I'd try my luck at seeing if anyone in the MA area knows an inexpensive catering company or has friends/family experienced with these sorts of things. Any ideas? I'd love some input!

Sidenote: I'm not dead set on any particular STYLE of dinner service, so certainly open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Post this on the local board for Boston. The mod may even move the whole question over there for you. But that board is not particularly busy. Most posts over there get like 2 answers.

    Have you looked into companies that are maybe a little further away? I'm in the Worcester area and found a few at that price range that would probably be willing to travel for a small fee. Sorry, I was looking into those a year ago so I don't remember any of the names off the top of my head but a quick google should find you a few!



  • I'm happy to move this post- just let me know if you have posted on the other board already.
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  • I have not! That would be great.
  • @jls5121 - Hi!  Congrats - I am next October too!  I feel your pain on finding something affordable!!  Is your $35/pp budget for food only, or does that include rentals as well?  With rentals it might be tough around here, but probably not impossible!  I agree with PP regarding looking near Worcester or closer to Western MA - if you can find someone who is willing to travel, I think things tend to be cheaper out that way.  

    I am just outside Boston so I don't know of many on the South Shore, but there is an awesome caterer in Arlington that has really great pricing for the Boston area called Beaujolais Catering.  They are super nice, quite reasonable, and do a huge variety of foods.  Worth checking out!  Their website isn't awesome so I would give them a call :) If you end up going the grocery route and hiring a service, I would definitely recommend Whole Foods from personal experience with a wedding I attended this summer.  The food was amazing and it saved the couple a ton of money vs. a traditional caterer.  They actually did buffet so the service staff was pretty minimal.

    Best of luck with everything!

  • We would love to help you with your catering needs. We at Sharon Décor will work within your budget. We can be contacted at 617-435-2574. 
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