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Fit For a Bride - HORRIBLE experience

I am working on my other reviews but I needed to get this one out because it upset me so much.  I am giving them a D-, and that's only because I finally did get my dress.  But other than that, Donna made dealing with this vendor a complete nightmare.

Let me start by saying that if I were basing this review ONLY on how my dress was pressed, it would probably be higher. That said, Donna at Fit for a Bride completely ruined the day before my wedding, and therefore, based on my experience, I cannot recommend them to any other brides. I already had my dress pressed but I didn’t want to deal with transporting it to Vegas and risking it getting damaged so I called Fit For a Bride and talked to Donna about sending my dress ahead of time and selected a steaming package. I then immediately followed up by making my reservation for the White Shimmer Package online. This included steaming/pressing of a wedding gown and veil (Shipped in advance and delivery to the bell desk at the hotel) at a price of $120-$140. I noted both in the phone conversation and in the reservation notes that I had a wedding rehearsal the day of the delivery and that I wouldn’t have a room number until 4pm but that I’d personally meet the delivery person at the bell desk at 4 to accept the dress. I received an email confirmation back from Debi that we were all set and a verbal confirmation from Donna that it wasn’t a problem about the late check-in. After shipping the dress, Donna called me to let me know that they had received it, which was a big relief to me. Then, however, she tried to change the delivery time on me to 5pm and quoted me a price of $160. I explained that I’d made that reservation 2 weeks prior to my wedding and I couldn’t take delivery later due to the fact that we had a rehearsal dinner to attend at 5pm.  She also argued with me about the price, even though I shipped it and requested bell desk drop off according to the lower-priced package. Donna then told me that she’d have to “ask the owner if she could make an adjustment” but that it should be “fine.” What adjustment? We agreed on a time and price and now you just change it up on me once you have the dress? No. Anyway, I confirmed the day before delivery that we were still on for bell desk drop off at the agreed upon time and reminded them that I wouldn’t have a room number assigned yet. Once again, nobody ever mentioned anything about that being a problem. I was going to personally accept the dress and I was a registered guest at the resort anyway. The concierge told me it was no issue whatsoever to accept a delivery in my name and hold it for me til later. Apparently though, it was all of a sudden a major problem for Donna because for the entire morning of the delivery, she proceeded to REPEATEDLY call me, my maid of honor, my wedding coordinator at the chapel, my fiancé and I think maybe even the best man. I don’t even know how she got all of those numbers but I think it was from bugging my wedding coordinator until she finally just gave in so that she’d stop getting the calls. Anyway, no, I wasn’t readily available to answer the phone during my one hour getting ready and having lunch with my bridesmaids or during my wedding rehearsal. Nevertheless, I returned her calls as soon as I could but they went straight to voicemail since they don’t actually have regular hours at Fit for a Bride. It’s appointment only, which is fine, if they actually answered a phone where they tell you to call back. I finally got in touch with Donna and she told me they WOULD NOT deliver the dress without a room number AND it was going to be $160. I was obviously a little upset by that and she was extremely condescending telling me that she didn’t understand how $20 was such an issue for me when it came to my wedding dress.  What she didn’t understand, apparently, was that it wasn’t about the $20, it was about her constant calling, interruptions, and attitude – all of which were unnecessary since I thought we had this all worked out already.  She’d marked me up to the next package deal (Ivory Sweet) with no explanation as to why and then got snippy with me when I told her that wasn’t OK.  She proceeded to tell me that I should just come pick up the dress myself then.  I gladly would have if it wasn’t a half hour before my rehearsal at that point.  The entire time we were on the phone, by the way, Donna very condescendingly kept calling me “baby,” “sweetheart,” “honey,” etc, followed by snippy remarks.  I finally had my sister call and just give them a room number so she would quit bugging us but even that didn’t help.  I got another call in the middle of my rehearsal to tell me the driver was waiting for me (10 minutes early) and “what did I want to do about it?”  I didn’t understand what the problem was because I still had time to get to the bell desk and if they didn’t want to wait, they should use the room number that HAD ALREADY BEEN GIVEN TO THEM.  To top the whole thing off, there were still some wrinkles on my dress once I finally got it and it was stuffed with blue and purple tissue paper.  That may sound like a stupid complaint but I was asked what my wedding colors were and we were excited to take photos of the dress with the forms in it and seeing as my colors were black and white, I didn’t think it would be a problem but I guess it was.  I went with Fit for a Bride based on the very high reviews I saw about the place and how everyone raved about Debi.  I only wish I could have actually dealt with Debi instead of Donna.  I would have most likely had a much more positive experience.  If you just need a dress pressed, you’re probably OK.  If you need it delivered, all I can say is good luck and be prepared to pay extra if you have Donna handling that for you.  One final note: I was refunded $20 as a “goodwill gesture” on my final bill.  How nice of Donna to end up charging me what we actually agreed upon for a price from the beginning.

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Re: Fit For a Bride - HORRIBLE experience

  • I posted an abbreviated review and recap of my experience over on Wedding Wire and the response from them was an outright LIE.  They said they were waiting for me for 10 minutes at the bell desk and that I never showed up.  Totally untrue.  All this shit with them made me almost an hour late to my Meet & Greet party and I was in a bad mood by the time I got there.  I could not even enjoy my lunch or rehearsal without Donna's constant interruptions.  Cory from Masterpiece Cuisine said they even called HIM at some point.  WTF?!?!?!  I have no idea how they would have even got that number but they did.  Anyway, I know people have had glowing reviews before and that's great.  I already had my dress pressed here in Phoenix but i sent to Debi to remove any stress about spills, wrinkles, having hubby see the dress, etc.  Instead, it ended up being one of the most stress-inducing parts of the whole weekend.  It seriously really upset me that what was supposed to be a really fun day ended up being marred by worry and interruptions.  And if Donna called me "Sweetie" or "Honey" one more time while she was basically telling me she was holding my dress hostage... OMG, I was about ready to jump through the phone.
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  • Wow. That is horrible. I can't understand why they would quote you one thing, then change their minds. I had seen the good reviews as well. Is there anyway to talk to the owner about this experience? It's hard enough when you're stressed out over the details of your wedding, but to have this thrown in the mix was completely unjustified and unacceptable. I would be raising hell with the owner. 
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  • I am going to email Debi directly but I think I'm going to wait until next week.  I am still too upset to talk to them and I want her to understand how unprofessional the person she has working for her really was.  Even my husband, who really doesn't get too upset about ANYTHING, was PISSED.  He wants to register on Wedding Wire now just to give his own review.  That said, when he does, he also wants to rave about Masterpiece Cuisine.  They were beyond incredible and I'm excited to write everyone I can to thank them and recommend THAT group to anyone who will listen.  Seriously, they were my saving grace because I was fuming when I got to the Meet & Greet and Cory from Masterpiece just turned everything around 180 degrees with his professionalism and amazing food!
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  • And I think Fit For a Bride just didn't pay attention.  They had the wrong package written down on the receipt even though my confirmation stated the correct one.  And Donna obviously didn't read the notes or pay attention to our conversation about the room number because it was only an issue the DAY OF DELIVERY -- Not at any time in the two weeks prior to that.  I honestly don't think it was a scam where they just arbitrarily jacked the price up.  I think it was a case of laziness and sloppiness where Donna just didn't even know what the hell she was talking about.
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  • Damn. I wish you the best, please keep us posted. That would make me furious too. 
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  • Wow! And then to basic call you a liar. Not good service at all!
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  • The check-in person at my dentist office calls everyone honey, baby, honey bunch, darling, etc. lol; it gets really old when you're sitting there in the waiting room.  Sorry you had such a bad experience; it sounds like Debi may want to do without Donna; we worked with Debi directly for pickup and delivery and she was great.

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  • I know some people just use those terms as part of conversation but when she is basically calling me cheap because I won't just arbitrarily give them more money and insulting me directly while at the same time calling me "sweetheart," it just served to make me even angrier.  I had some personal recommendations from friends who swear by Debi so that's another reason this whole experience was so disappointing.  The problem is, I'm not sure if I can even reach her.  Donna is the one that answers most email, I think, and definitely handles all the calls as far as I can tell.  I have the one email that listed Debi as the sender when I got my confirmation so I'll try that.  It may get to her or it may not but all I can do is try because if nobody speaks up, how is she supposed to know?  As a business owner myself, if one of my employees was treating customers like Donna did, you're damn certain I would want to hear about it so I could make things right.
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  • Wow! I am sorry you had to deal with all of that. What a horrible customer service story.
  • im soooo sorry. I woulda flipped.  Im hot tempered and luckily my FI isn't lol. 
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