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Processional songs with lyrics

I'm looking to have a family friend sing at our wedding and I'd ultimately like her to sing as I was down the aisle. Is anyone else having a song with the words be their professional song? MIL made me feel like it should be instrumental. If you have, what song did you do? I'm thinking Ingrid Michaelsons version if Can't Help Falling In Love.

Re: Processional songs with lyrics

  • In my experience, songs with lyrics are being used more and more often.  However, I personally prefer instrumental because you can end the song as soon as you're down the aisle.  With lyrics, you either have to cut most of the song (seriously, it doesn't take long to walk down the aisle) which totally defeats the purpose, or use the whole song and stand there awkwardly listening to the rest of a song.

    Last wedding I was at with lyrics in the processional it was also to Can't Help Falling in Love.  It was awkward because of the reasons stated above.  The song is beautiful, but it can be just as pretty as an instrumental arrangement.  
  • I love that song (Ingrid Michaelson). We used it during our unity candle lighting.  The DJ just faded it when it was done, and it was not awkward. 

    My processional was to "Marry Me" from Train. I had a long path to walk to having the whole song was beneficial.  And again, when we got to the alter, the DJ faded it.  It was a blur but I do not recall the fading being akward at all.  A good DJ will do it professionally.

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    I guess I've never actually been to a wedding where a DJ was used for the ceremony (they've all been church weddings).  So while the "fading" can definitely be with live instruments, it's just harder unless they're really really skilled or the singer and musician have worked together a lot. .

    ETA: I think the DJ thing and fading out at the right time would work great if OP didn't have live musicians.
  • Our bridal party walked down the aisle to Bright Eyes "First Day of My Life." I walked down to "Eyes" by Rogue Wave.

  • I feel like lyrics in the processional can work, but I also think it's weird if the song gets cut off.  I would personally need to see it perfectly timed to make it work.  

    I'm also having the same problem.  I love the "Over the Rainbow" song by Israel- but it's hard to envision it with timing and all.

    If I don't go with that song I'm going to use something by The Piano Guys.  Love their songs!

    @kat1114 I love those songs! 
  • I had asked one of my bridesmaids and FMIL this same question not too long ago. Someone posted the song "Mean to Me" by Brett Eldridge and the acoustic version is wonderful, but I was concerned about having the bridal party walk out to a song with lyrics and then myself walking out to the instrumental version of "Collide" by Howie Day. The more I listen to each song, the more I love how they seem to flow together, and they both agreed that it would definitely differentiate the end of the bridal party from the beginning of my processional. I say go for it!
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