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Making my own program fans

I am making my own fans for programs during the ceremony. I've designed them using a template but am unsure where to print them on card stock? What's the cheapest? To buy my own paper and go to Staples, another website, etc? 

Also, what type of adhesive did you use to put the two sides together, and on the stick?

Re: Making my own program fans

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    I suggest going to your local print shop or fedexoffice and inquiring about their card stock options. Explain what the goal is for the card stock and ask for something heavy that still has a little give so that when they're being flapped the stress doesn't pop the glue bond. Bring your design file with you so that they can give you solid pricing info.

    As far as adhesive goes, I have no idea what to suggest :/

    I'm the fuck

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    Ok, so my friend did these, and I helped put them together.... Hers were printed on cardstock (by our other friend with a nice printer), Each piece of cardstock had the front side and the back side of the fan. 

    Cardstock was trimmed, scored on the back side (so it would fold nicely) and a rounded paper punch was used to make it look pretty. 

    She got the wood sticks from Hobby Lobby (they were nice and prettier than the popsicle sticks you can get any old craft store). She placed the sticks about halfway up the inside of the fan. They were very stable. 

    We tried spray adhesive and glue sticks, but ultimately used rubber cement as the adhesive - a thin layer was fine. 

    Basically it was glue on one side, place stick, a little bit extra glue on the top of the stick, fold and press. 
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    But yes, FedExKinkos or Staples should be able to help you with your printing. They can usually even score and fold for you too. 
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    I ordered Popsicle sticks from ebay they were like 5 bucks for 100 and then i used regular elmers glue to glue my cardstock together. They kept beautifully and were super easy! 
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    Thanks! I ended up getting the VistaPrint Groupon and ordered the two sides from there. It went from being $90 to around $30. I saw sticks cheap on Amazon so just need that, and then assembly time (my Mom's job haha). 
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    Would you be willing to share your template?
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    What a great idea!
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