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TK Help Center 

TK Membership Help (also located under TK Help Center)

TK Wedding Website Help
Please email IT at

How to Delete Your Community Account:
Please email

Visual Guide to Siggy tickers: Images and Troubleshooting - stickied in Knottie Help (thanks to @tarradesign)

Flagging System
All members have the ability to anonymously report posts that come directly to our attention. The Knot team and mods review flagged posts within a 24-48 hour period and will decide to either leave the post as is or remove it based on our TOS guidelines. 

Ways to report Abuse/Spam: Flag as Abuse/Spam

Posts that should be reported are:
Spam- Any posts advertising services
Harassment- If you feel a user is harassing a member to an extreme level.
Online Vandalism- Posts designed to raise a user’s post count.
Personal Information- Any post where a person’s personal information is being given without their consent. This includes name, telephone number, address, email address, work information, etc.
Impersonating Other Members/Knot Employees- Any username designed to be a copy of another user’s name or Knot Employee.

In addition to flagged posts, we will continue to address any violations of our Community Rules, located here:

How to Change Your Username:
Here's how...
- Go to "My Account" in the drop down box under your avatar 
- Click "Change my username" 
- Pick and new username and confirm your password 
- Hit "Save changes" 
- Voilà! You have a brand new username :) 

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