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Hi all!! So I recently got engaged and have been racking my brain on a wedding venue. My fiancé and I want everyone to be able to make it, so needless to say anywhere farther south than North Carolina is out of the picture (North Carolina is even a stretch). I would really appreciate any ideas you have!!!

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  • Outer Banks
    Virginia Beach
    Ocean City, MD
    Lots of options in New Jersey
  • Thanks! We're planning a road trip to check out the venues so this helps. What places would you recommend in NJ?
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    Long Beach Island, Cape May, Red Bank areas. Try posting on the local board for that area. They should have some good ideas. Good luck!!
  • OP, do you want me to move this to the NJ board and/or any other local board so that you can get some specific feedback from people familiar with those areas? I can do it and still leave a redirect link here.

  • We are getting married along the Chesapeake Bay in a small town in Virginia called Cape Charles. It's a little inconvenient to get to because you have to cross a 13 mile toll bridge (depending on where you're coming from) but it's a beautiful area. That whole peninsula is very pretty and full of quaint little towns.
  • Cape Cod is beautiful but finding affordable overnight accomodations in the summer can be challenging depending on a guests budget. Defiantley skip Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard though. They are beautiful but findng lodging there in the summer is even harder & you have to take a ferry or plane to get to the location which adds more costs. Plus if the ocean is rough, the only option then is to fly over in a small prop plane.
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