whats a general budget for flowers? I have no idea what to even expect or pay for?
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Re: Flowers

  • Depends what you want and how much you want. If you want tons of centerpieces with several bouquets/bouts/corsages along with altar arrangements and pew bows with out-of-season or exotic flowers it will cost you a lot more than having non-floral centerpieces, using in season inexpensive flowers like carnations, KWIM? Your best bet is to think about what you really want as far as flowers, call around to some florists and get some quotes.
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  • yeah for center pieces and down the aisle I am wanting babies breath and like one purple flower. I am really simple and want it to have a vintage look. I guess I need to see whats in season in Febuary and get an idea!
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  • Babies breath is pretty much always available and is pretty inexpensive.

    Thee Wedding Warehouse is pretty inexpensive, also take a look at the recent issues of WedAz magazine and look at the pics from florists.
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  • Thank you so much!
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